When A Star Is Born struggle the film-festival circuit critical fall, the was automatically labeled one awards juggernaut — the sort of movie that could, simply maybe, move the Oscars’ “Big Five” categories of Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay. Yet in the months the followed, its odds have actually shifted significantly. The Oscar conversation is now overcame by Roma, Green Book, and also seemingly every various other Best picture nominee, leaving A Star Is Born chatter mainly confined to its chances in categories like finest Original Song.

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The perpetually remade A Star Is Born has already been come the Academy Awards 3 times, and this dramatic swing in expectations is almost the movie’s brand. Every iteration has debuted to significant hype — and, in at the very least two the end of 3 cases, tremendous reception — just to fizzle the end by Oscar night. vxcialistoufjg.com examined modern-day press reports and much more recent books to item together the awards narratives for the 1937, 1954, and 1976 execution of A Star Is Born in an effort to define what go wrong each time. Hollywood can love telling this story around itself over and also over again, but as these past instances demonstrate, it doesn’t necessarily like profitable it.


A Star Is Born (1954)

The following Star Is Born was also intended come relaunch a struggling actress, though it to be treated with much more skepticism as result of its star’s fraught reputation. Judy Garland had been top top a bit of a hiatus from Hollywood ~ leaving she longtime studio MGM in the loss of 1950. Since then, she’d become the topic of relentless and also often cruel speculation about her mental health, as the push reported on she nervousness on set, breakdowns, and also suicide attempts. A Star Is Born, produced by her husband Sid Luft, would be Garland’s very first film in four years.

The production was immediately plagued v rumors the on-set strife, together Photoplay and also Picturegoer relayed gossip the Garland hated her costumes and was feuding with director George Cukor. A Star Is Born was additionally reportedly delayed, over budget, and means too long — Warner Bros. Would ignite a minor debate when that chopped about 30 minutes off the movie just prior come its release, encouraged that no one would certainly pay to see the three-hour original.

The eventual reviews, however, applauded the film and Garland’s performance. Bosley Crowther in ~ the new York Times called her “excellent in every things,” when The Hollywood Reporter claimed the movie just wouldn’t occupational without her. “ recognizes an unusual top quality in her voice — a quality that method stardom,” the file wrote. “The whole success that the photo depends ~ above the fact that Judy really has it … and also as the picture progresses, she proves it in one smash number after another.”

The work again, please again earned six Oscar nominations, including nods because that Garland and her co-star James Mason. But it failure to cracked the other large categories — many notably, best Picture. Garland was still thought about enough that a front-runner the NBC visited extraordinary lengths to transfer her potential acceptance speech. Back she to be confined come a hospital bed on Oscar night, having just provided birth to her son Joey, a camera crew had actually Garland mic’d up and ready come go once the best Actress classification was called. The award went rather to grace Kelly, for she against-type performance in Country Girl, in among the most renowned upsets in Oscar history. Garland would joke around the loss because that years come come, but she wasn’t the just Star Is Born nominee come strike out. The movie shed in every other category, going residence empty-handed.


A Star Is Born (1976)

Gaynor and also Garland can have had shots, but Barbra Streisand never ever stood a chance. Unlike its predecessors, the 1976 A Star Is Born to be critically maligned upon release, dismissed as both overly sentimental and forgettable. Barbra Streisand’s performance was taken into consideration a huge part of the problem, because many critics simply couldn’t think her together a nobody wait to be discovered. “There’s simply now way, after all the times we’ve viewed Streisand and also all the methods she’s imprinted it s her on our minds and also tastes, for us to expropriate her together a child on the means up,” i get it Ebert wrote. The new York Times’ Vincent Canby took it a step further, likening Streisand’s performance as an unknown come “a wolf disguised as Red riding Hood’s grandmother.” Her claimed disagreements v director open minded Pierson also made the news, in a story the collaborators didn’t really deny. “It’s a difficult situation because that a manager to duty in,” Pierson said Variety. “One spectacular debate took location in front of about 300 human being with open up mikes.”

Still, the Kris Kristofferson co-starring movie make money, generating $80 million in box-office revenue and also producing one monster struggle soundtrack. The album went platinum 4 times, together the Streisand and Paul Williams–penned solitary “Evergreen” climbed come the height of the Billboard warm 100. (The track hit No. 1 for 3 consecutive mainly in march of 1977.) This success aided A Star Is Born clench Oscar nominations because that its song and score — which, along with technical nods in cinematography and also sound, brought the complete up to four nominations. When Streisand took the stage on Oscar night to song “Evergreen,” she yielded what Variety dubbed a “knockout” performance, making she return expedition to collection the Academy compensation for best Original track seem inevitable. However it significant the movie’s lone Oscar victory; it lost to Hal Ashby’s Woody Guthrie biopic Bound for Glory twice (in cinematography and the now-defunct adjusted score category) and also to All the President’s Men because that sound.

The 2018 variation of A Star Is Born has taken on a slightly different narrative, one the pays much more attention to the male star 보다 previous bring away — i beg your pardon is understandable, since Bradley Cooper co-wrote, produced, and directed the movie. With eight Oscar nominations, it’s likewise earned an ext Academy acknowledgment than any kind of previous Star Is Born. However in many ways, the film has actually fallen right into a familiar rhythm, with its fast rise and also quiet deflation in awards expectations. If A Star Is Born performs as predicted, it’ll only be honoring a long tradition of this particular story comes up short on Oscars night.

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