Theatrical Performance
Domestic box Office$100,478,608Details
International box Office$32,735,941Details
Worldwide crate Office$133,214,549
Home industry Performance
Est. Residential DVD Sales$5,193,037Details
Est. Domestic Blu-ray Sales$8,747,866Details
Total Est. Domestic video clip Sales$13,940,903
Further financial details...

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Meg Murry is a usual middle college student struggling with issues of self-worth who is no hope to right in. Together the daughter of two world-renowned physicists, she is intelligent and uniquely gifted, together is Meg"s younger brother Charles Wallace, but she has actually yet to realize it because that herself. Make matters even worse is the baffling disappearance of Mr. Murry, i m sorry torments Meg and also has left her mother heartbroken. Charles Wallace introduces Meg and also her other classmate Calvin to three celestial guides-Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who-who have journeyed to planet to help search for their father, and together they set off on their formidable quest. Travel via a wrinkling that time and an are known together tessering, they are shortly transported to worlds beyond their imagination where lock must face a powerful evil. To make it earlier home come Earth, Meg have to look deep in ~ herself and take on her flaws to exploit the strength crucial to defeat the darkness closing in top top them.


OpeningWeekend:$33,123,609 (33.0% of full gross)
Legs:3.03 (domestic box office/biggest weekend)
Domestic Share:75.4% (domestic crate office/worldwide)
ProductionBudget:$103,000,000 (worldwide box office is 1.3 times production budget)
Theater counts:3,980 opening theaters/3,980 max. Theaters, 5.3 weeks typical run per theater
Infl. Adj. Dom. BO$101,030,073

Latest Ranking top top Cumulative box Office Lists

All Time domestic Box Office (Rank 701-800)758$100,478,608
All Time international Box Office (Rank 2,401-2,500)2,404$32,735,941
All Time an international Box Office (Rank 1,201-1,300)1,298$133,214,549
All Time residential Box Office because that Walt Disney movies (Rank 101-200)130$100,478,608
All Time worldwide Box Office for Walt Disney movie (Rank 201-300)213$32,735,941
All Time worldwide Box Office for Walt Disney movie (Rank 101-200)183$133,214,549
See package Office tab (Domestic) and also International tab (International and Worldwide) for an ext Cumulative box Office Records.

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Movie Details

RecordRankAmountChartDateDays InRelease
Biggest residential 15th Weekend87$1,678,797Jun 15, 2018101
Theater mean 15th Weekend35$6,852Jun 15, 2018101
Biggest domestic March Weekend58$33,123,609Mar 9, 20183
Top Fantasy Weekend Domestic88$33,123,609Mar 9, 20183

Lead Ensemble Members
Oprah WinfreyMrs. Which
Reese WitherspoonMrs. Whatsit
Storm ReidMargaret “Meg” Murry
Chris PineDr. Alexander Murry
Gugu Mbatha-RawDr. Kate Murry
Levi MillerCalvin O’Keefe
Deric McCabeCharles Wallace Murry

Supporting Cast
Mindy KalingMrs. Who
Zach GalifianakisThe Happy Medium
Michael PeñaRed
André HollandPrincipal Jenkins
Rowan BlanchardVeronica
Daniel MacPhersonCalvin’s Father
Bellamy YoungCamazotz Woman
David OyelowoThe It
Conrad RobertsElegant Man
Yvette CasonMrs. Teacher
Will McCormackMr. Teacher

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Production and Technical Credits
Ava DuvernayDirectorJennifer LeeScreenwriterMadeleine L"EngleStory based on “A wrinkle in Time” byJames WhitakerProducerCatherine HandProducerDoug MerrifieldExecutive ProducerAdam BorbaExecutive ProducerTobias SchliesslerDirector the PhotographyNaomi ShohanProduction DesignerSpencer AverickEditorPaco DelgadoCostume DesignerRamin DjawadiComposerJacob RiehleDialogue Editor

The bolder credits above the line are the "above-the-line" credits, the other the "below-the-line" credits.
Home market Releases for June 5th, 2018June 4th, 2018

This is a busier week than usual on the home market, yet that’s only due to the fact that there room a greater than usual number of box office flops coming the end the same week. The best box office fight of the week is A pucker in Time, i beg your pardon did it s okay here, however bombed internationally. Ns still waiting for a screener to watch if that is at least worth a rental. As for choose of the mainly contenders, there’s my Hero Academia: Season Two, part Two and Thoroughbreds ~ above Blu-ray. In the end, ns went with Thoroughbreds, but both are worth owning. More...Home market Releases for might 29th, 2018

May 29th, 2018

This is one of the shortest lists I can remember. Not just are there just 8 release in the key section, numerous of them would be secondary releases, in ~ best, throughout a common week. That’s not to speak there space no releases worth checking out. This list is led by Annihilation top top Blu-ray Combo Pack, if the 2nd best brand-new release is ... Probably a secondary VOD title? More...Weekend Estimates: prepared Player One hard On Debut

April 1st, 2018

The gulf in between blockbusters and also also-rans could hardly it is in starker these days. Since the relax of black Panther to a lining $202 million top top February 16, 3 movies that might have recorded the basic public’s creativity have arrived on the scene, and also earned somewhere between a fifth and also a saturday of that on opened weekend. Prepared Player One is the most successful among them, with an opening of $41.2 million guess by Warner Bros. Together of this morning. The compares favorably come the openings the A Wrinkle gradually (which started out with $33.1 million), and also Pacific Rim: Uprising ($28.1 million), and is, in fact, the finest weekend in 2018 for a movie not called Black Panther, however it right starts come chip away at substantial marketing costs, allow alone a report $150 million production budget.More...Weekend Wrap-Up

March 20th, 2018

As predicted, black color Panther stayed in very first place ~ above the weekend chart. Dig Raider had actually an okay opening in second place, when I have the right to Only Imagine to be the best positive surprise of the weekend. Love, Simon had actually a hard opening, especially contrasted to its manufacturing budget. The much less said about 7 job in Entebbe, the better. Overall, the weekend box office was under 4.8% from last weekend to just $132 million. This is 49% reduced than this weekend last year. A 49% decrease usually just happens as soon as there is a misalignment in holidays, yet in this situation it’s due to Beauty and also the Beast’s debut. 2018 is still ahead of 2017, albeit by a fraction of last week’s lead at just $66 million or 2.8%. In fact, with a margin of simply $2.46 billion to $2.39 billion, that is very likely 2018 will lose its lead before the next weekend begins. More...Friday Estimates: Raider opens up in first Place, for Now

March 17th, 2018

As expected, dig Raider opened up in very first place with $9.06 million ~ above Friday. However, this i will not ~ be sufficient to stay ahead of black Panther for long. Its reviews are virtually 50% positive, while it earned just a B from CinemaScore. A $23 million to $24 million opening isn’t a negative start because that this time that year, however it is much from exceptional for a movie that apparently cost between $90 million and also $106 million. More...Weekend Predictions: can Raider capture Top Spot?

March 15th, 2018

Another week and another movie trying come dethrone black Panther. This week, it’s tomb Raider’s possibility to lastly remove black Panther from first place top top the weekend chart. I don’t like its chances. The just other truly vast release the the mainly is Love, Simon, i m sorry should have a solid, however not spectacular opening. There are two other movies with a shot in ~ earning a spot in the peak ten: I deserve to Only Imagine and also 7 work in Entebbe. This weekend critical year, Beauty and the Beast opened with almost $175 million. That’s much more than the whole box office is walk to earn this weekend. 2018 is going to acquire crushed. More...Weekend Wrap-Up: black color Panther and Wrinkle in Time have actually Record-Breaking Weekend

March 13th, 2018

For the very first time ever, the top two films at the weekend box office to be both directed by African-American directors. That’s amazing and should be the huge story. Unfortunately for A pucker in Time, the huge story is black Panther’s ongoing box office dominance, together that movie earned an initial place end Wrinkle through $40.82 million come $33.12 million. Disney have to be happy v both results. The only other new release that didn’t bomb to be The Strangers: food at Night, which earned third place v $10.40 million, i beg your pardon is excellent for a low-budget horror movie. The less said about The Hurricane Heist and also Gringo, the better. Overall, the box office dropped 8.3% from last weekend come $138 million. Contrasted to this weekend critical year, the box office dropped 16%. Year-to-date, 2018 has earned $2.27 billion, i beg your pardon is quiet 8.3% or $170 million front of 2017’s pace. That lead can be reduced in half by this time next week. More...Weekend Estimates: black color Panther Bests pucker in Time, in Disney vs. Disney Battle

March 11th, 2018

A wrinkles in Time gained out the door a little much more slowly than hoped because that this weekend, and Disney is projecting an opening weekend the $33.3 million, as of Sunday morning. That’s actually in line with our forecast on Thursday of simply under $35 million, yet well below what pre-release attention in the movie would have made it seems ~ possible. That fairly subdued debut left the door open up for black color Panther, which will pick up an additional $41.1 million this weekend to top the chart, and continues break records.More...Friday Estimates: Wrinkle tops Panther because that a minimal Time

March 10th, 2018

A Wrinkle with time earned first place top top Friday through $10.21 million, which was enough for first place over black Panther through a small margin. Unfortunately, this lead most likely won’t last long, as the film’s evaluate are just 42% positive and also it only managed a B indigenous CinemaScore. This is the ideal scores amongst the new releases this weekend, but not great for a family members film and will hurt its legs. Look because that a $33 million opened weekend. More...Thursday Night Previews: Timely begin for Wrinkle

March 9th, 2018

A pucker in Time opened with $1.3 million throughout its previews. This could seem prefer a low amount; however, that is a live action family film and also those tend to struggle throughout previews, however bounce ago during the weekend. For example, Paddington 2 only regulated $325,000 during its previews, however it walk on to make $11 million throughout its opening weekend. A Wrinkle gradually won’t have the very same legs, because its reviews room mixed. That said, it has actually a shooting at very first place v $35 million or more, i m sorry is in line v what we predicted. More...Weekend Predictions: Is it Time for Panther to Relinquish top Spot?

March 8th, 2018

There space four wide releases coming out this week, but only one of them, A wrinkles in Time, has actually a shot in ~ dethroning black color Panther. Just one other, The Strangers: prey at Night, has a shot at the optimal five. The other two, Gringo and also The Hurricane Heist, are just hoping to not embarrass themselves. This weekend last year, the peak two movies earned nearly $100 million. This year, the top five likely won’t earn that much. 2018 will shed the year-over-year comparison, but hopefully it will certainly be close. More...2018 Preview: March

March 1st, 2018

February was an impressive month, thanks greatly to black color Panther, but Fifty Shades Freed and also Peter rabbit were also significant hits and overall the month was a massive innovation over last February. Feather forward, yes nothing opening in march that will certainly earn as much in total as black color Panther did during its opening weekend. That said, A wrinkle in Time and Ready Player One should have actually no trouble acquiring to $100 million, while tomb Raider has actually a 50/50 opportunity of getting there. Unfortunately, contrasted to critical March, this is still a pittance. Yes sir a opportunity that no film opening this March will earn as much in total as Beauty and also the Beast opened up with critical march. We will require Black Panther come have an excellent legs to store 2018 ahead of 2017 by the end of the month. More...A Wrinkle over time Trailer

July 17th, 2017