Queen the The Damned inspired A actual Murder Queen that the Damned, i m sorry is based off the novel by anne Rice, influenced someone to commit a grisly killing in the vampire Akasha"s name.

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Queen that the Damned to be a 2002 vampire horror film that increased to prominence because of its resource material gift loosely drawn from ann Rice"s The Vampire Chronicles series; the allure that its lead actress Aaliyah, in her last role, influenced a guy in Scotland to commit a grisly murder.

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The film, which was directed by Michael Rymer (Battlestar Galactica), showed the sultry side of vampires in anne Rice"s world, similarly to just how was done with Interview through The Vampire in 1994. Stuart Townsend starred together the vampire Lestat, who was awakened native his slumber by a difficult rock band and also emerged as their lead singer. After ~ awakening come a modern world, Lestat decided to usage his international stardom to successfully "out" all various other vampires. Akasha (Aaliyah) is ultimately awoken by Lestat"s music together well and the two discover the world of vampire politics and society, together Rice"s novels frequently do.

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While Aaliyah"s tragic fatality in 2001 added a level of an enig and tragedy to her haunting performance together Akasha, one male felt that the Queen to be attempting to communicate with him past the realm of physical media and coerced him come commit a violent murder.

Why Queen of The Damned influenced A real Murder

Aaliyah together Akasha in Queen of the Damned
Allan Menzies, that was 22 at the moment of the crime, murdered his friend cutting board McKendrick (21) in West Lothian town in Scotland ~ above December 11, 2002. McKendrick to be murdered in ~ Menzies" home and then hidden in a shallow grave. Menzies battered McKendrick over the head and also then stabbed that repeatedly; various other reports have actually said Menzies claims to have actually drunk few of his blood and also eaten component of his head. In testimony come the court, Menzies asserted that his factor for committing the murder was due to the fact that Akasha, the character from Queen of the Damned, told him to death for her.

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Menzies ultimately killed McKendrick because he insulted she while they to be in his kitchen; he declared that he might see Akasha stand in the kitchen with them at the time. Menzies additionally claimed the Akasha checked out him regularly, and that he had actually watched the film over 100 times. Follow to Akasha every Menzies" claims, she claimed that killing for she would allow him to be rewarded v immortal life together a vampire. Claimed Menzies, "At the end of the day i knew i would have to murder somebody anyway. It was the only way you could do it. If you don"t murder someone you couldn"t become a vampire." 

Three psychologists diagnosed Menzies as a psychopath. That went top top to serve life in prison, plus secondary three years because that "attempting to defeat the aims of justice", which was to run at the same time with his life sentence. Menzies ended up committing suicide in prison in November that 2004. While murderers have used interesting defenses before, such together in the notorious "the evil one made me execute it" case, which motivated 2020"s upcoming film, The Conjuring 3, Menzies" testimony and crime based on Queen the the Damned is definitely chilling.