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Nearly 2 weeks later, Aaron Rodgers" 75-yard litter still "amazing" come teammates
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Nearly 2 weeks later, Aaron Rodgers" 75-yard litter still "amazing" to teammates
Oct 7, 2016

CloseCovered the Packers due to the fact that 1996On-air organize at Milwaukee and also Madison
GREEN BAY, Wis. – at the time, Joe Callahan didn"t completely appreciate what he"d simply seen. There have been plenty of times when the green Bay Packers" rookie No. 3 quarterback has been in awe of Aaron Rodgers since Callahan started working v the two-time NFL MVP, but this wasn"t one of them.

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At least, not ideal away.

"Live, it didn"t really it is registered how much he threw it, due to the fact that it wasn"t choose this big, arcing throw. He preserved it quite low," Callahan said. "And then ns watched the on film."

Aaron Rodgers" "flick that the wrist" caused a 66-yard pass interference call against the Lions.Benny Sieu/USA this particular day SportsIn actual time, Callahan didn"t evaluate what a exceptional throw Rodgers had actually made. It come on the very first play that the second quarter the the Packers" 34-27 victory over the Detroit Lions in ~ Lambeau field on Sept. 25, once Rodgers rolling left and also uncorked a throw from around his very own 28-yard line that landed 3 yards deep in the finish zone. The play brought about a 66-yard happen interference punish to collection up Rodgers" 3rd touchdown happen of the day.

"He made the look for this reason effortless," Callahan said, ~ letting out an audible "oooooh" when an initial asked about the pass. "If you watch the play, that round is 75 yards in the wait – and he didn"t flip his hips every the way. He just effortlessly threw that three-quarters that the length of the field.

"I had actually to view it on film to view what yard line he in reality threw the from, and then it landed in the middle of the finish zone. The was cool come watch. The was a hell of a throw. He obviously has actually a strong arm, however it"s practically just a flick that the wrist and it"s comes out with such power."

Said rookie large receiver Trevor Davis, the plan receiver top top the play: "I to be running and also I to be pretty much down there, but I to be like, "Don"t slow down, he can launch it." Luckily, ns didn"t sluggish down since he did launch the -- further than I would certainly have ever before expected, specifically rolling to his left."

Yes, it"s been nearly two weeks since that throw. The football player were totally free to move around the country during your bye week, and also when they returned to work Monday, the focus shifted come the new York Giants, their adversary Sunday night.

Among the storylines that arised after the Packers enhanced to 2-1 after that win were Rodgers" return-to-form performance with 4 first-half touchdown passes; wide receiver Jordy Nelson"s very first breakout video game after critical year"s knee injury (six receptions, 101 yards, 2 touchdowns); running ago Eddie Lacy"s first 100-yard game of the season (17 carries, 103 yards); and also the continued stinginess the the Packers" league-leading run defense.

Aside from"s Kevin Seifert noting that the 66-yard penalty to be the longest in 15 years, the litter itself acquired very tiny attention in the media. But it acquired plenty of attention in the Packers" offensive meeting room.

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"There was certainly a reaction from myself and also the rest of the squad. It was definitely amazing," large receiver Davante Adams said. "We don"t get shocked too much by what that does, but when you"re walking the the opposite way, you"re a right-handed male going to your left, and also you toss a round that would have actually been a perfect ball had actually Trevor not obtained tripped up, that"s some stuff you"ve just got to speak "wow" to.

"I mean, we recognize he"s capable of law that, but when that does it, it"s crazy. Particularly when you watch it on film. You see exactly how perfect that a round it would have been. That"s as soon as it opens up your eyes and also you"re like, "That"s crazy.""