There are plenty the other great countries because that retirees. Here's a look at a couple of that just missed our list.

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by Barry Golson, The Magazine, September/October 2010 issue

We haven"t contained all the world’s nations that might be well candidates for retirement. Because that the services of sun-loving boomers, we concentrated mainly on warm-weather locations. Even so, there are other affordable nations that prospective expat retirees can find appealing, such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Uruguay, Croatia, and Malaysia.

Worth noting: Ghana, where hundreds of African Americans have relocated end the past couple of years. Ghana was among the first sub-Saharan countries in Africa to accomplish independence in 1957, an occasion hailed by top African americans of the time—Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X visited—and a an initial wave of black color U.S. Expats settled there in the at an early stage "60s. The federal government eventually ended up being corrupt, and most expats went back home. An ext recently, v a steady Ghanian federal government in place, a new wave of afri Americans has found a house on their ancestral continent.

What about some locations you may have actually expected united state to cover? Americans frequently say their dream is to retire in English-speaking Australia or New Zealand. But those two countries have expensive and restrictive residency requirements: Immigrants need to invest at least $500,000 even to be considered. Thailand has actually been popular, through an expat community in beautiful Chiang Mai. Yet political instability (which led to riots in May) and also difficulties in owning a home led united state to omit it.

If weather and also cost are not factors, you’ll find numerous lists that "best" places in which come retire based on quality-of-life indexes. In these lists, look for ratings through such international agencies together Transparency International, which steps corruption, the people Health Organization, The Economist intelligence unit, and also the Mercer surveys of top quality of life.

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