though her show is well-known, Abby Lee Miller indigenous 'Dance Moms' is other of one enigma. Viewers frequently admired her organization acumen but additionally lamented just how she periodically treated her crew that mostly-tween dancers.

Then, in 2017, Abby was sentenced to prison for bankruptcy fraud, and also that was the cherry ~ above the top when it involved all the an adverse publicity she'd currently received.

this days, Abby is doing points a small differently, since splitting from lifetime in 2020. Yet fans need to wonder, walk Abby have a husband and also kids behind the scenes? Or is dance she one and also only priority in life?

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Abby Lee fearbut Considers her Students her 'Kids'

despite she's asserted to have developed strong bonds with few of her former students, they don't always seem come reciprocate she feelings -- in ~ least, not after they leaving her studio. Although, Abby does have part high-profile former clients that are still in her an excellent graces.

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and the grudges the some previous dancers have held don't keep Miller indigenous calling the dancers her 'kids,' and catching up with many of them years later, after ~ they've moved on from her dance classes.


Abby Lee fearbut Doesn't Have children Of her Own

approximately the time the Abby was set to enter prison, anyone was wondering even if it is she'd it is in leaving household behind. It turns out, she didn't.

Sources shown years back that Abby does not have any children of she own, so while Abby helps teach a most young dancers and also interacts with children a totality lot, she doesn't have first-hand suffer as a mom.

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In fact, Abby's apparently never ever been married either, though pan aren't sure that's true.


after all, she post a photograph of herself through a man and also captioned it through "I do" a few years ago. But she would later on deny the she ever before tied the knot, saying it to be a stunt so the her ailing mommy would believe she wasn't totally alone in life.

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It yes, really doesn't seem favor Abby regrets not obtaining married (if she didn't actually execute so!) or having actually children.

with all the time she's invested in her business pursuits, Miller clearly knows what she wants and how to get there.

regardless of leaving the fact TV realm, fearbut is quiet hosting run lessons via Zoom and has plans to open up up another studio soon.


Clearly, despite all her troubles and the fact that she doesn't have actually a conventional house life or household structure, Abby is law what she wants in life -- and she's conquer a many struggles to get there.

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