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The 53-year-old Dance Moms star, that co-hosted Entertainment tonight on Friday, also got candid v ET in December around undergoing a facelift through plastic operated doctor Dr. Payman Simoni. Dr. Simoni"s signature facelift doesn"t placed the patient to sleep while he or she experience the procedure i m sorry was right for Miller, provided her doctors"orders that she can"t be under basic anesthesia. The reality star has faced serious health concerns over the years, including getting diagnosed v Burkitt lymphoma in April 2018 and also undergoing emergency spinal surgery. Top top Friday, Miller likewise shared through ET video of her walking because that the first time after having to be in a wheelchair.

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Still, Miller stated going under the knife again for she facelift to be necessary.

"Well, it to be not about what ns wanted, ns guess it was what ns needed," she speak ET"s Keltie Knight. "I never thought about having a facelift before -- you live in Pittsburgh, you walk to work-related every day, this never gone into the picture. Yet after what I"ve to be through and also the variety of surgeries and the hours in surgery, it was all internal. Ns went through all the pain and all the rehab and nobody could see anything! So, I want to perform something the made me feel better, that made me look better and something that i was like, "Wow, I had actually surgery, yet look in ~ me now.""

Dr. Simoni additionally explained come ET what makes his facelift various from others.

"Well, a many of people are fear of a classic facelift," that notes. "One, they don"t desire to look done. They"re scared of the pulled look that you can just see from mile away that this person had a facelift done. Also, civilization don"t want to walk under anesthesia because that 78 hours and also especially because that Abby, which to be important due to the fact that most that her medical professionals said, "We don"t desire you to go under major anesthesia unless you have to.""

"So, the Simoni facelift is different because very first of all, the patient is wake up -- obviously we make certain the patients space comfortable, us make sure we provide you enough stuff the you"re relaxed during the procedure," the continues. "And then we kind of get them a tiny bit sitting up therefore that method I have the right to see the confront in a herbal state. So, when I background it, ns don"t have to guess. This i do not care a herbal facelift. So, ns don"t need to just traction in directions the I"m not certain of. I have the right to see what I"m doing, patient"s awake, patients speak to me and they"re comfortable and also we finish it in two hours."

Miller described what the experience was like for her actually being awake during the procedure.

"I was talking to him as he was cutting my face open," she recalls. "It"s horrific, ns didn"t know every one of this, yet you walk in, it"s beautiful -- this office, the facility is fabulous -- you walk in, you feel really comfortable, they numb you up a small bit, next thing friend know, you’re finished, and then I experienced some video of the actual technique and the cutting and also the suck the stuff out, and then ns was for sure horrified and freaked out."

"I didn"t feel it," she continues. "Had I known what he to be doing, I would certainly not have talked to him. Girlfriend know, favor somebody"s driving the vehicle in a snow blizzard, you simply don"t chit chat."

Miller said she does remember "everything" around the procedure.

"I think what acquired to me many was the sound," she admits. "Because you deserve to hear that internally in her ears, and also I have nice, little, pretty ears that i think my dad glued back with Band-Aids together I was cultivation up therefore they wouldn’t rod out. ... Anyway, I might hear that and the whatever, knife? ns don"t know, every little thing you suck the stuff the end with, yes. I might hear the internally in mine head. That"s it."

Still, she couldn"t be happier v the results, explaining the she provided to airbrush the end her wrinkles and also was also self-conscious around her neck.

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"When i look into the mirror, and I"m law my very own makeup it"s like, "Oh, OK,"" she says around her confidence ~ the facelift. "You"re working on a far better surface. My neck was, like, hanging and also everyone has that double chin and it"s awful and now ns don"t really have actually it, execute I?"

Check the end Miller before her facelift:

Dr. Payman Simoni

"I don"t think that any type of of the prison "consultants’ recognize what they space talking about," fearbut says. "I think they"ve been the end for so lengthy that what taken place to them is totally different. They told me a bunch of stuff the was totally wrong. ... They prepare you and everything they told me to be wrong. Completely wrong."

"People think the you"re gonna come out really humble and a different person -- the doesn"t happen," she add to of her jail experience. "You know, for the very first two months, ns was sweet and also nice. Climate the following two months, it was all normal and then through the last two months, i was the genuine Abby Lee. "Pick your feet up as soon as you walk, don"t say "at" in ~ the end of a question, it"s a preposition!" Like, ns was favor a nightmare and also that"s to the guards."

She additionally has a keep in mind for Kim Kardashian West, who"s been making headlines for her criminal justice reform work.

"I think as much as the entirety prison point goes, i don"t know. Kim Kardashian, if you are out there, contact me, please," she says. "Because we require prison reform. Every one of these females in there gaining a roof over their head, 3 meals a day, a job, they"re learning to be plumbers and HVAC repairmen. It"s a joke. It"s every ridiculous."