Abby Lee Miller defines what Lori Loughlin must expect from prison lifeBy Jemima Skelley| 1 year ago

Abby Lee müller has provided some understanding into she time in prison, to let Lori Loughlin know what she's in for.

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The Dance Moms star invested eight months in jail in 2017 after ~ being served a one-year sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Meanwhile, Full House actress Loughlin has actually been sentenced to 2 months in prison for her involvement in the 2019 university admissions scandal. She's collection to serve her time at the Victorville federal Correctional school in California –– the very same prison that Miller was in.

Abby Lee miller (The Doctors)

Miller called Hollywood Life that she thinks Loughlin will have basic time in jail, since she's nice well-liked.

"I think she's going to it is in absolutely fine due to the fact that her character on tv is sweet and also nice," she said. "People love to hate me, wherein she is this nice ray of sunshine and that's what world think she is. She crime offended everybody, however it didn't yes, really hurt anyone."

Loughlin's irradiate sentencing and capacity to select the prison she goes to has attracted criticism, with people saying it's due to her money and white privilege.

Miller walk on to define what day-to-day life in the prison was favor for her. She states the food is basic, however actually not that bad.

"The women in the prison chef the food, for this reason it can vary native day to day. There's a menu that is nationwide. Every single federal prison on every single Wednesday is having actually a hamburger or cheeseburger. They're on a grill. They're fine. If someone ethnic renders the food, everything their ethnicity is kind of exactly how the food is flavoured," Abby revealed.

Olivia Jade Giannulli and her mum Lori Loughlin. (Getty)

"You get used to the food," she continued. "The food chin is no bad. It's the way it's gift in the plastic tray and it's slopped in there. If it was on china and also it was presented through a feather of parsley and also pretty, it would certainly be fine. A the majority of tater tots. Ns will never eat another tater tot again! Here's one more thing I'll never ever eat again — Wheat bread!"

Miller to trust the worst component of being in jail is the monotony –– it's the same regimen day ~ day. "Every work is favor Groundhog Day," she said.

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She also explained that there room classes and also activities obtainable for the inmates.

"I supplied to take private Spanish lessons. There's class that provided to walk on like my actual estate class and my finance class. They to be taught by inmates. There's numerous girls that need to try to gain a GED," she explained. "So that's what happens in the evening and then come 8 o'clock, ns was prepared for TV since I'm a large TV freak. Everybody wants to watch jail shows prefer Live PD and all of these shows."

She likewise said there was one upside to her stint behind bars: "I had actually a great tan. I shed 127 pounds."