June 15, 2021 - 16:18 BST Hannah Hargrave an excellent Morning America"s Robin Roberts obtained an outpouring of prayers from pan after paying a heartfelt tribute to who special

Robin Roberts signed turn off from an excellent Morning America v some sad news ~ above Tuesday when she revealed the tragic loss of someone very special .

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The GMA presenter satellite alongside her co-host, T.J Holmes, as they do the notice which had fans welling up.

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Robin paid tribute come a much-loved member that the team who passed away on Sunday and she shared the tribute ~ above Instagram along with a heartfelt message.

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She wrote: "We have heavy understanding this morning and closed
goodmorningamerica v a tribute to Jim Sicile….a beloved and longtime member the the ABC and also GMA family.

"Phenomenal photographer and also so much more. Our thoughts space with his beautiful family and also his mam Kathie."

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Robin revealed Jim had actually been v ABC for an ext than four decades after beginning out in the mailroom in the seventies.

Robin mutual GMA"s tribute top top Instagram

Fans submarine Robin"s feed through prayers and also comments with one writing: "What a lovely tribute. I deserve to only imagine how numerous amazing world work behind the scenes of your show. Say thanks to you because that reminding me - your audience." another added: "May he rest in peace. Prayers because that his family."

Jim died after battling lung cancer and also Robin"s tributes was simply one of many for the much-loved cameraman.

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His wife told alphabet that his passion for his craft to be so strong that he even had a setup for that would have actually his camera tools once that passed.


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