Grandparents the victim Libby German, Becky Patty, left, and also her husband Mike Patty, speak throughout a news conference because that the latest updates ~ above the investigation of the dual homicide the Liberty German and also Abigail Williams top top Thursday, in march 9, 2017, in ~ Carroll ar Courthouse in Delphi, Indiana. Photo: J. Kyle Keener/The Pharos-Tribune via AP
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The Delphi Murders: Why Police have actually Not released Details ~ above the killing of Libby German and Abby Williams

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The Delphi Murders: Why Police have actually Not exit Details ~ above the murders of Libby German and also Abby Williams



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November 17, 2021


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February 13, 2021 marks precisely four years because Libby (Liberty) German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, disappeared indigenous a wooded trail while on one afternoon walk close to their homes in Delphi, Indiana. A volunteer searcher found their bodies close to the follow the adhering to day, in addition to some critical—and creepy—bits the evidence: a video clip that the girls’ likely attacker.

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Using she cellphone, German recorded video clip footage the a male walking towards the girls on the Monon High Bridge. Utilizing this video, police exit a photo and an audio snippet that the presumed doubt speaking the words “down the hill.” (It’s thought the man required the girl to go “down the hill” to a ar under the bridge prior to killing them.)

Libby German’s Heroic plot May help the Case

German’s fast thinking in the face of are afraid prompted Indiana State Police Sgt. Tony Slocom to express her a “hero.” the young lady is a hero, the is no doubt,” Slocom called reporters. “To have enough presence the mind to activate the video system top top her mobile to document what we think is criminal behavior about to occur, there is no doubt in our mind the she is a hero.”

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Since the tragic exploration of German and also Williams’ bodies, the nation has to be captivated by the case, despite the fact that neighborhood authorities in Indiana have actually released little brand-new information about it. The girls’ households have done everything in their strength to save the story at the forefront of the public’s minds, consisting of speaking on TV shows and at conferences favor Crime-Con.

Though authorities exit a composite sketch of the suspect utilizing German’s phone call evidence— and testimony indigenous others who may have seen the man on the trails the day—law enforcement is still difficult at work looking for the murderer. Follow to Dwight Adams the the Journal & Courier, hundreds of officers have functioned this case, sifting through much more than 38,000 tips—but still, no arrests.

“We have talked to fine over 1,100 people,” Sgt. Kim Riley that the Indiana State Police said in Adams‘ current story. “That contains persons of interest, that has anybody and everybody that’s affiliated in this case. If their name has actually been rotate in, we’ve speak or attempted to talk to 99.9 percent that them.”

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Why has actually the cause of death Not to be Released in Libby German and Abby Williams’ Murder?

And perhaps most intriguingly, though autopsies were conducted on both girls, no police nor FBI have actually released the reason or time of death for German or Williams. They likewise have not shown whether DNA evidence was discovered at the scene.

When request why police have actually held back these details on together a high-profile case, Indiana State Police an initial Sgt. Jerry Holeman tells A&E True Crime the it is typical protocol for his police officers to store mum top top those issues during ongoing investigations.

“Speaking on instead of of state police, us don’t ever before release information about ongoing investigations,” Holeman says. “In this case, we provided out audio and also photo evidence from video to assist locate . We carry out that so as soon as we get key evidence, just the killer or killers recognize the cause of death. Us don’t release it to the media due to the fact that then everyone and also their brother would know, and also it’s usual to gain false confessions indigenous mentally disturbed people. Therefore we’re trying to save the details close come our vests.”

Rumors and Speculation approximately the Delphi murder Case

Of course, the lack of evidenced details around the scenarios of the girls’ murders has only fueled more obsessive speculation native crime-watchers ~ above sites prefer Reddit, where individuals on at least one Delphi-dedicated board through 8,400 subscribers routinely share their theories, speculations and also suspicions.

“There’s a most false information out there,” Holeman confirms. “Social media, although no new… go impede our investigation. Prefer when civilization put up side-by-side picture of innocent people—or, in ~ least, people with no ties to the state the Indiana or Delphi—which create false . People think it because it’s top top the internet.”

And armchair detectives are even taking their attention in the case a step additional by producing YouTube reenactments the the crime.

help us recognize that civilization don’t recognize , since the truth haven’t been released,” Holeman says. “People watch the news and also think they space picking up on things, however it’s false. Nothing out there is accurate, which only leads to more false tips.”

The Delphi killing Is no a Cold Case

And when the murders of German and Williams remain unsolved as of the publishing of this article, Holeman is adamant the the instance is anything but cold.

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“We obtain 10 come 12 advice daily and sometimes more, relying on what the media or social media is putting out there. But a many those room false tips,” that says. “We are proceeding to use all the resources obtainable to uncover the human being or people responsible because that this heinous crime.”

UPDATE: on April 22, 2019, Indiana State Police exit a brand-new video, audio and sketch that the person they think murdered the girls. Throughout the push conference, Police Superintendent Doug Carter to express his id that the suspect is a residents of Delphi. “To the killer, who might be in this room: We believe you room hiding in plain sight,” Carter said. “In much more than two years, you never ever thought we would change gears to a different investigative strategy, however we have. We know this is about power to you. You want to understand what we know. And one day, girlfriend will.”

If you have any type of information about the killing of Abby Williams and also Libby German, please contact the Delphi homicide pointer line in ~ 844-459-5786 or email abbyandlibbytip
. Over there is a reward for info leading come the arrest of the person or persons responsible.

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