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I testified at the Pennsylvania House health and wellness Committee"s listening on "Fetal Experimentation" previously this month.

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Pennsylvania has actually a pro-life reputation, yet the university of Pittsburgh master disturbing and also barbaric government-sponsored experiments on aborted babies: child scalping, exporting fetal kidneys and killing live-aborted infants by organ harvesting. Mounting evidence connects to plan Parenthood to it all.

Despite the serious questions around these experiments and also Pitt"s inextricable connection with planned Parenthood, Pitt stonewalled lawmakers through an unprepared, freshly hired angry who can not answer straightforward questions. Possibly Pitt can not send a standard witness to safeguard these programs, due to the fact that what takes location in lock is indefensible.

In one study released last year, Pitt scientists explained scalping 5-month-old aborted babies come stitch top top the backs of lab rats. They wrote around how they cut the scalps native the heads and backs the the babies, scraping turn off the "excess fat" under the infant skin before stitching that onto the rats. Castle even had photos the the babies" hair cultivation out that the scalps. Every scalp belonged to a small Pennsylvania baby whose head would prosper those same hairs if the or she were no aborted because that experiments through lab rats.

Pitt"s explanation? "Lab mice, not lab rats," the university"s witness said the committee indignantly.

In fact, the published study used both rats and mice to grow the babies" scalps. Exactly how was this payment for? with a $430,000 give from Dr. Anthony Fauci"s NIAID office in ~ the NIH. Pitt"s witness implied that federal government NIH grants somehow go not concern taxpayers in Pennsylvania.

Previously, ns wrote around another Pitt scientist who emerged a nightmarish "protocol" for harvesting the freshest, many pristine livers native 5-month-old aborted babies in order to isolate huge numbers that stem cells for experimental transplants. This technique calls for aborting late-term fetuses alive via job induction, rushing them to a sterile laboratory, washing them and then cutting them open up to harvest the liver. This Pitt scientist got $3 million from the NIH.

At the hearing, Pitt asserted, there is no evidence, the this experiment to be done just in Italy and also ended in 2013. But the Pitt scientist responsible published more research in 2019 and also described obtaining the exact same uniquely massive, two-billion-stem-cell productivity from "complete" fetal livers harvested in Pittsburgh—indicating the same technique he outlined was still being used in America.

Starting in 2016, Pitt obtained $1.4 million in NIH sponsor to run a circulation "hub" because that aborted fetal kidneys and other offal in NIH"s GenitoUrinary breakthrough Molecular Anatomy Project. Pitt"s grant application advertises the university"s unique access to a huge number that high-quality aborted fetuses and that "collections deserve to be significantly ramped up."

Pennsylvania legislation makes trial and error on a living fetus or failure to provide immediate medical care to a born-alive child a third-degree felony. Sadly, fetal experimentation, consisting of on babies yielded alive in late-term abortions, has actually been recorded at Pitt because that decades.


Planned Parenthood signage is seen in the jae won District ar of Manhattan top top April 16, 2021 in brand-new York City.Michael M. Santiago/Getty ImagesAstonishingly, at and also after the hearing, Pitt doubled down on a demonstrably false talking point: "There is no procurement connection for tissue through Planned Parenthood."

Pitt"s fetal research projects generally achieve fetal tissue with the university"s tissue bank from local abortion providers. 2 years ago, sources told me Pittsburgh was one of the significant hubs the the FBI"s investigation right into Planned Parenthood"s person trafficking the aborted fetuses. Planned Parenthood west Pennsylvania (PPWP) abortion providers, who were on employee at Pitt, confirmed this information. When I to be undercover, lock told me they supply the university"s organization bank.

What is Pitt so fear of admitting?

Since 2005, Pitt has actually been a major location for Planned Parenthood"s Ryan Residency and Family planning Fellowship abortion maintain programs. Some of the most well known Planned Parenthood abortion medical professionals came up v the program.

Dr. Jennefer Russo, VP of planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernardino Counties, offered the aborted fetuses come the criminal firm DaVinci Biosciences—which admitted come illegally marketing the fetal body parts and was shut under by local law enforcement. She did she abortion cultivate fellowship in ~ Pitt. And also there are many others.

Today, Dr. Beatrice Chen, PPWP"s medical director, also runs the abortion program at Pitt. Dr. Sharon Achilles, the activities director in ~ PPWP and also a significant Pitt faculty member, is on planned Parenthood Federation of America"s National medical Committee.

Shockingly, Dr. Chen is also vice chair of the university"s Institutional testimonial Board, which reviews and supervises all fetal study projects. This apparent conflict of interest makes the Pitt-and-Planned-Parenthood lead abortionist a supervising participant in every fetal research project, contravening federal demands that fetal researcher be separated native clinical abortion practice.

Planned Parenthood west Pennsylvania, meanwhile, is a "contracted care" website for Pitt, receiving accessibility to medical students, clinical resources, clinical infrastructure, patient population and referrals in ~ the university.

We know this much, just from publicly sources: first, to plan Parenthood abortionists it is provided fetuses to Pitt; second, Pitt supplies its accessibility to fetal tissue and organs come get major NIH grant money; third, plan Parenthood enjoys accessibility to people and resources in ~ Pitt.

Needless come say, a quid agree quo end aborted fetal human body parts, sponsor by taxpayers, would be illegal. If what we recognize publicly around Pitt is damning, imagine what we carry out not know. Public officials in ~ every level of government must unearth the complete scope that the person trafficking and also experimental usage of aborted infants, and also stop permitting these atrocities.

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David Daleiden leads The facility for clinical Progress and is responsible because that the multi-year undercover video reporting that exposed the smuggling of aborted fetal body parts at planned Parenthood and also other institutions.