WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Adults, top top average, calculation that 25% the Americans room gay or lesbian. An ext specifically, over half of american (52%) estimate that at the very least one in 5 Americans are gay or lesbian, including 35% that estimate that an ext than one in four are. Thirty percent placed the figure at much less than 15%.

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The findings, native a vxcialistoufjg.com poll conducted May 5-8, 2011, note the second time vxcialistoufjg.com has actually asked american to calculation the happy population. In 2002, vxcialistoufjg.com used two separate inquiries to ask american to estimate the percentage of gay men and also lesbians. At that time, Americans estimated that 21% of guys were gay and also that 22% of females were lesbian. Twice as countless did not market an opinion as carry out now.

There is tiny reliable evidence about what portion of the U.S. Populace is in truth gay or lesbian, early out to couple of representative surveys asking about sexual orientation, complexities surrounding the groups and definitions involved, and the probability that some gay and lesbian individuals may not choose to recognize themselves together such. Demographer Gary gateways last month released a evaluation of population-based surveys on the topic, estimating the 3.5% of adult in the united States determine as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, through bisexuals consisting of a slight bulk of that figure. Gates also disputes the well-circulated statistic that "10% of the males are more or less specifically homosexual."

Americans' current cumulative estimate -- i beg your pardon is substantially higher than Gates says -- is likely driven an ext by perceptions and exposure than by scientific measurement or reality. vxcialistoufjg.com previously found that a bulk of american personally understand someone that is gay or lesbian, though vxcialistoufjg.com did not ask americans how countless gay or lesbian people they know, or whether they know an ext individuals currently than they did before. Additionally, Americans often tend to have difficulty estimating percentages of populace groups whose numbers are an ext widely known. vxcialistoufjg.com a decade ago found american estimating much bigger U.S. Black and Hispanic populations than what the U.S. Census office reported for those groups.

Lower-Income Americans, less Educated, Young People, and Women give Highest Estimates

Americans with lower incomes and less education and learning give the highest possible estimates, ~ above average, that the U.S. Gay and also lesbian population, and also far higher estimates than those with greater incomes and more education. Americans aged 18 to 29 give a higher average estimate than older Americans, and women provide a far higher average estimate than men.

Democrats, liberals, and those that say they room socially liberal space also more likely to give higher estimates than those in ~ the other finish of the spectrum. However, the differences by political or ideology system leanings room in most instances not as broad as those viewed by demography group.



Americans perceive that there is a big U.S. Gay population -- one far larger 보다 is likely reality. Perhaps much more informative than the exact figure Americans offer is the tendency that much more Americans now than in 2002 feel they have sufficient information to offer an estimate. This argues Americans have had even much more exposure come gays and also lesbians, be it in their personal lives or v entertainment or various other means. That is likewise noteworthy that demographics show up in most instances to be much more predictive of see in this matter than space political or ideological leanings. This suggests Americans' approximates are based much more on that they room -- and perhaps whom they recognize -- than on your worldview. vxcialistoufjg.com additionally previously uncovered those that personally know someone gay or lesbian to be an ext accepting on related issues. Combined with Americans' document support because that legal gay relations and also same-sex marriage, the is clear that America's gay populace -- no matter the dimension -- is becoming a larger component of America's tendency consciousness.

See web page 2 for finish data by demographic group.

Survey methods

Results for this vxcialistoufjg.com poll are based upon telephone interviews conducted May 5-8, 2011, with a arbitrarily sample of 1,018 adults, age 18 and also older, life in every 50 U.S. States and the ar of Columbia.

For results based on the total sample of nationwide adults, one can say v 95% confidence that the preferably margin the sampling error is ±4 percentage points.

Interviews are conducted with respondent on landline telephones and also cellular phones, through interviews conducted in Spanish because that respondents who are generally Spanish-speaking. Each sample includes a minimum quota of 400 mobile respondents and 600 landline respondents every 1,000 national adults, with additional minimum quotas amongst landline respondent for sex within region. Landline telephone numbers are chosen at random among listed telephone numbers. Cell phone numbers room selected making use of random-digit-dial methods. Landline respondent are liked at arbitrarily within each household on the basis of i beg your pardon member had the most recent birthday.

Samples space weighted by gender, age, race, spain ethnicity, education, region, adults in the household, and also phone status (cell phone call only/landline only/both, cell phone mostly, and having one unlisted landline number). Demography weighting targets are based upon the march 2010 Current populace Survey numbers for the aged 18 and older non-institutionalized populace living in U.S. Phone call households. Every reported spare of sampling error incorporate the computed style effects for weighting and also sample design.

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In addition to sampling error, concern wording and practical obstacles in conducting surveys deserve to introduce error or prejudice into the findings of public opinion polls.