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"Call it What friend Want" is the 2nd and final single by over the law from their 2nd album black color Mafia Life. It functions 2Pac and Money-B. The music video clip for the single features cameos from Treach, Eazy-E, and also MC Ren.

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You"ve now entered the pursuit to, the black triangleNow you recognize the factor for the black color Mafia theory, hahahaYes the has numerous meanings, but no matter how you specify itIt still comes the end blackSee it"s just a hair trimSo friend can speak to it what friend want<2Pac>Now i clown around, as soon as I hang around, through the UndergroundBut as soon as I"m with the Mafia us droppin" YAAnd if you"re a hoe then I"ll be knockin" ya, infant why notYou shouldn"t jock me reason I"m popularThe group with the glock, ns love to pop the gunCoppers gain shot, castle shouldn"t try to protect against the Mafia2Pac"ll pack a person, pump the trunkI"m bumpin" G-Funk, but you can speak to it what friend wantHow countless times ns gotta tell ya, don"t neglect meEither it is in my hoe or fight the do", you"re nothin" for me (see ya!)That"s why i love to walk on tourism GScores of whores behind the door, a nigga"s naughtyNow, I"m sippin" ~ above a fortySo girlfriend can speak to it what you want just pass the blunt and also kick that MoneyWell, ns am the danger, the danger, comparable to a killerI rhyme because that rounds of conflicts chomp and also stomp em while y"all chillin"In Tokyo, inspect it as I choking a slow-moving poke rapperCapped his ass faster, than a half of pound of crepes"ll walk on Mother"s DayFirst and fifteenth, another method of sayin" itI got new clips for this reason trip however it"s ok to gain your crewCause ooh I"ll send your team come the showersThey true and also do and also rippin" and also got the Wonder pair powersI devour lot venom, lunch division I shit em, I simply stinkWhaddya think, this is a threat? simply forget about itCome back, you"re done black, see Cutty was the stopperBut you"ll contact me the indo as soon as I chop ya v the shopperSting ya v the stinger, flex the create fingerI blow you to bits and I be gettin" a kick out of grabbin" the mic and flingin"vxcialistoufjg.com through the best securityI acting a splif but I"m not Jamaican, for this reason won"t friend let aYankee Doodle Doo what the hasta, raise my hand and cast aHellafied spell you can"t phone call you far better ask aWeatherman he"ll sigh and reply, "You shoulda stayed in the house"Cause Mon is gonna rain on their paradesNowww, clean the smoke, and also grab a stupid by his throatAnd don"t permit him go til the holla holla billygoatNow Money Money Money B, once said come me"187 why you wanna be a G?" Well...I favor to clock large G"s, and hang the end all nightAnd never problem bout a bitch, cause she can"t phone call me shitPlus, money money is a pimp thang (what?)Cause view if you was in my shoes, you"d it is in doin the sameSo don"t ever ever f*ck with, I"m a G-er playaCause as soon as I"m bustin" on a punk, I might never it is in a customerNow peep this, cause when I"m goin deepThe only customers gettin" offered in the house, is the pussy i freakThey wanna pop that ying-yangI call em, "Sit down, shut up bitch, and let me kick game" (y"know)Cause hoes constantly be sayin" they obtained it goin on but if castle wannaGet with a nigga prefer me castle gotta pay a fee, i am notThe No Mack Nigga, from the planet dubbed SilkI"m native the world Black Mafia Life, that freaks pimpsYo, come take it a sip that the psycho-mega-Pimpsome-hoesta-must-be-a-playaNow organize up, wait a secondNah, ns fucked friend bitches top top the critical record, yoIt"s prefer I"m high top top a raggamuffin splifMe the dope sound what a man, the myth (come)Mon lock wanna view me fade shit, favor I did critical yearSo I post on em, then I shore on emNo I never ever never never had a killing rapAnd if you snitch girlfriend say ns did it you"re bound to gain your neck snappedSo there it is, and how it"s gonna beSo ns pass the joint, to my guy KM.GWell you can call it what friend want yet if girlfriend don"tI"m still a nigga with a pimp strut, ooh, a macadamian nutAh-say what you want, I"m workin" for a cha-ohhWell alright, you tiny silly ass hoeNow when you desire to rhyme to boo and get tramped (get tramped)Give a contact to the clinic, ATL"s the pimp campAnd watch which playa, is up because that the downstroke(Cause friend skeez-in, cause you broke)So toast lock hoes prefer I stated beforeI f*ck 4 bitches a day, and I"m lookin" for moreCause cords that scores the hoes it is in leavin" my houseLike, Bam, and I"m like, DAMNNow mine niggaz excellent labeled me the dangerous community nastymanCause they recognize I canWhen you wake up in the morning ns only offer ya five pushesI"ll be out by your garage, awaitin" behind the bushesDrinkin" coffee, smoove waitin" to talk seeLike a true hoe gigolo must beSee I"m a giant and also the remainder of them space fakersEspecially as soon as it comes to the bitches and they moneymakersA simp nigga hesitation to food a tramp yet I don"tSo ease ago Mafioso top top the corner, what you, want

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over the Law over the law is a rap group from Pomona, California, founded in 1989 through Cold 187um, KMG the Illustrator, walk Mack, and also DJ full K-Oss. More »