(vxcialistoufjg.com)The san Francisco Unified college District voted this week come rename 44 schools named after controversial windy figures, including previous Presidents George Washington and also Abraham Lincoln and current Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

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The college district, i beg your pardon has an ext than 57,000 college student enrolled, is an altering the schools called after historical figures attached to "the subjugation and enslavement of person beings; or that oppressed women, inhibiting societal progress; or who actions resulted in genocide; or that otherwise considerably diminished the methods of those amongst us come the appropriate to life, liberty, and also the quest of happiness," according to the message of the resolution.



In a statement, mountain Francisco market London Breed said she support the board"s decision come rename the schools.
"I understand the definition of the surname of a school, and also a school"s name need to instill a emotion of pride in every student the walks through its doors, nevertheless of your race, religion, or sexual orientation," breed said.
"In fact, the public elementary institution I attended together a boy was renamed for civil Rights symbol Rosa Parks, and I believe it is a name that instills pride for the community. This is an important conversation come have, and also one the we need to involve our communities, our families, and also our students."
However, Breed likewise expressed frustration the the board has actually not yet created a setup for reopening schools.
The district, i beg your pardon comprises the 140 pre-kindergarten with 12th grade publicly schools, is among the many nationwide the has applied distance learning as result of the pandemic.
"What ns cannot recognize is why the institution Board is progressing a setup to have all these institutions renamed by April, as soon as there isn"t a arrangement to have our kids earlier in the classroom through then," breed said.
"Our students room suffering, and we need to be talking around getting them in classrooms, obtaining them mental wellness support, and also getting them the resources they require in this daunting time. Our families are frustrated about a lack of a plan, and they are specifically frustrated v the reality that the discussion of these plans weren"t also on the agenda for last night"s school Board meeting."
The college board did not respond come vxcialistoufjg.com"s request for additional comment about Breed"s statement regarding planning to reopen schools.

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The board stated it is also seeking the public"s assist to indicate names because that the schools by submitting them v an digital form.
"I watch it together an possibility for ours students come learn about the history of ours school"s names, consisting of the potential brand-new ones," López said. "I to be excited about the concepts schools will come increase with."