Man In an essential Condition ~ 'Possible roadway Rage' shoot On I-35W In fort WorthMedStar stated a male is in an essential condition after a shoot on northbound I-35W close to Heritage trace Parkway in fort Worth.

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1 Dead ~ Late-Night Pileup With big Rig top top I-35W In fort WorthOne person was killed during the late-night hours of June 9 in a pileup involving an 18-wheeler and also three various other vehicles in north fort Worth.

Investigation: 2 that 6 eliminated In February I-35W Pileup In ft Worth Had gotten Out Of their CarsIt was a February pileup involving an ext than 130 vehicles follow me I-35W, now more than 2 months after the crash a new report states two of the six human being who died were hit and killed after obtaining out of their vehicles.

He survived The 133 car Pileup top top I-35W, now Texas Paramedic Trey McDaniel Will acquire A new SUV MedStar paramedic Trey McDaniel was on his method to occupational on Thursday, February 11th, once he was ensnared in the huge 133-vehicle pileup top top I-35W in fort Worth that killed six people.

Fort precious Nurse In I-35W Pileup Crawled the end Of her Vehicle, Went directly To 6-Hour Shift“She stated it was like walking through an apocalyptic movie,” Rebecca Benson's husband said.

'She was A Beacon that Light': Grieving Underway for Lives shed In I-35W PileupThey were parents, spouses and also co-workers. Six civilization died in the horrific pileup of over 130 vehicles, and five the those victims to be identified.
After end A work Of Cleaning and Repairing, I-35W In fort Worth Reopens ~ Deadly PileupAll lanes that I-35W phibìc of downtown fort Worth have actually now reopened complying with Thursday's enormous pileup that left six dead and dozens injured.
6 victim In Deadly ft Worth Pileup entailing 130+ Vehicles IdentifiedAt least 6 people were killed on February 11 when much more than a hundred cars, trucks, and also semi tractor-trailers slipped, slid and also crashed on an icy ar of I-35W. This morning we understand the identification of 5 of those who lost their life.
6 Dead, Dozens hurt After Pileup Of end 130 Vehicles on I-35W In ft WorthOfficials in fort Worth shown at the very least six people, who have actually not been publicly identified, were killed in the crash.
WATCH: human Narrowly Escapes significant Injury (Or Worse) during Massive I-35W Pileup In fort WorthIn a video captured by a driver, a human being along the highway have the right to be watched ducking near a wall surface as one 18-wheeler crashed right into the pileup, which resulted in multiple vehicles to get in the air.
Truck Driver Shares suffer Driving Into substantial I-35W Pileup: 'All that A sudden There's Ice and also Everybody's Wrecking'"You don’t view the ice, ‘til you feel it... You can not stop, so i steered off into that wall... Then the human being behind me simply bam, bam, bam, bam," Michael Howard said.
3 Arrested for Street gyeongju On I-35W In ft WorthPolice released dash cam video video mirroring the traffic back-up on I-35W near Spur 280.
1 Dead, 2 injured After automobile Crashes right into Pedestrian In fort WorthA mrs is dead ~ police speak she to be hit by a car while make the efforts to cross the I-35W organization road in ft Worth early Thursday morning.
Friends that Denton fatal Crash victims Share Grief, Details On lives Lost: 'We room All Devastated'Denton Police room still investigating what led to the crash and also have no released your findings.

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2 Dead, 6 injured After I-35W Crash In BurlesonTwo people have passed away as an outcome of a significant crash ~ above I-35W in Burleson Sunday evening.