America has a dark and also checkered past. From mass shootings to serial killers, the country has some of the many prolific and brutal killers ever recorded.

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According to the FBI, a murderer i do not care serial once they kill 2 or more people in different events. When the majority of serial killers commit your crimes because that the thrill and "enjoyment," others are done out of anger and financial reward. Though it"s basic to think that nothing bad like that has actually happened in southern Carolina, the Palmetto State has actually seen plenty of heinous crimes with its history.

So, who are some of the most well known criminals and serial killers in southern Carolina history?

Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins Jr.

Pee Wee Gaskins murdered so numerous people approximately the area I'm from. The drove a hearse and also would transfer his victims in it. The would even tell world he had dead bodies in his hearse, yet everyone brushed that off reasoning he to be kidding. This is his hearse.

— Ciara Jade Dove Lee (

Donald Henry Gaskins Jr., additionally called "Pee Wee," is taken into consideration the many prolific serial killer in the background of southern Carolina. His mental crimes incorporate killing at least 14 victims ages 2 to 45 transparent the 1970s. He was sentenced come death and executed by method of the electrical chair in 1991.

Lee Roy boy name aka The Gaffney Strangler

Episode 176! Gaffney, southern Carolina, a mrs is found naked & strangled in the street, and also the husband looks prefer a lock... Until an ext bodies rotate up, together with phone calls to the regional paper. Basic domestic, or serial strangler? It’s all twists!!

— small Town killing (

Lee Roy boy name was well-known as the Gaffney Strangler because that the crimes he committed throughout the 1960s. Police originally believed the husband the one victim to be the killer, but when a phone speak to to a regional newspaper led police to the human body of one more woman, lock knew the had the dorn guy. Castle eventually uncovered Martin by tracing license plate that one more would-be victim wrote down. Martin was convicted that killing 4 young women and received 4 life sentence in 1969. However, his time in prison didn"t last long. He was stabbed to fatality by one more prisoner in 1972.

Larry Gene Bell

Ep49: The murder of Debra may Helmick & the Reckoning the Serial Killer, Larry Gene Bell #serialkiller #larrygenebell #sharifayesmith #debramayhelmick #columbiacounty #richlandcounty #lexingtoncounty #midlands #southcarolina #deathpenalty #southernfriedtruecrime

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Larry Gene Bell to be convicted for strangling and also killing 2 juveniles in 1985. What to adjust him except other twin murderers is the he thought he was Jesus Christ and also forced his victim to create a "Last Will and Testament" before they died, follow to Murderpedia. He was executed in 1996, tho claiming to be Jesus Christ. He was the last human being in the state to die by the electric chair.

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Dylann Storm Roof


In 2015, Dylann Roof walked into a prayer company at Emanuel african Methodist Episcopal Church and opened fire, declare nine resides in an effort, the claimed, to ignite a race war. Police arrested that after a manhunt, and also he confessed come the murders. In 2017, he to be sentenced to death for federal hate crimes. He also pleaded guilty to murder and received ripe life sentences without parole.