My name is Earl to be a comedy collection that ran for 4 seasons ~ above NBC. The story complied with a small-time crook that had actually a stroke of great and negative luck in ~ the very same time: an initial he wins $100,000 in a lottery ticket, but then he is fight by a car as he celebrates and also loses the valuable piece the paper. While in the hospital, the hears around karma for the first time, and makes a life-changing decision: he will consist of for every negative deed he’s done so the he can pay turn off the karma he sent out right into the world.

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On a an easy level, My surname Is Earl to be a show about dumb world making bad decisions and also sometimes learning the evident in the process. On deeper analysis, however, it have the right to be stated that the series was ultimately about empathy: in stimulate to make up for every human he’d conned, Earl was forced to spend some time v them and also see the civilization through their eyes. Throughout the series, Earl learned the being a great person helps do the world a little bit brighter, and, in ~ the very least, helps you sleep much better at night.

Here are the characters that helped make this story an excellent – and where room the gibbs now, twelve years later:

Earl Hickey (Jason Lee)

"You recognize the type of guy who does nothing but poor things and then wonders why his life sucks? Well, the was me. Every time something an excellent happened come me, something negative was constantly waiting roughly the corner: karma. That's as soon as I realized that I had actually to change. So, i made a list of everything negative I've ever before done, and also one by one I'm gonna consist of for every my mistakes. I'm simply trying to be a better person."

If you clock My surname Is Earl, especially on reruns, in the start of almost every episode you’ll hear this narration come the allude of memorizing it. The reason behind it to be simple: NBC required a rapid recap in bespeak to capture first-time viewers up through the story. But this is also Earl in a nutshell. The series’ protagonist is a straightforward guy who acquired dealt a poor hand in life and decided to acquire by with little cons that would certainly hardly do the eight o’clock news.

The great thing about Earl together a personality is that, also though he to be a poor guy before the story, friend can’t aid but root because that him. Particularly when you uncover through flashbacks that he was a kid of a broken home, and also his cons were largely harmless. Most of lock are noted in episode titles such as “Stole Beer indigenous a Golfer,” “Stole a Badge,” and also “Made a Lady Think i Was God.” so going on this big, making-amends ride v him is fun, hilarious and sometimes touching.

whereby is Jason Lee now?

Before My surname Is Earl, Lee was featured in minor functions in some Hollywood cult standards like Almost Famous and also Vanilla Sky. During and also after the show, he starred the high-grossing child franchise Alvin and also the Chipmunks. He likewise played a police detective with a love because that blues in the short-lived TNT series Memphis Beat. Recently, he’s largely been law voice occupational on Cartoon Network’s We ceiling Bears and also Paramount+’s brand-new animated collection The Harper House.

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Darnell Turner (Eddie Steeples)

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