Commenting ~ above his videos, number of fans have actually pointed out that both Dwayne Johnson & Eric fields not just share physical resemblances yet they also sound very similar.

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Were you Shocked around Dwayne Johnson & Eric Fields’ physics Resemblance? hear How similar They Sound Now! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

A couple of days ago, pictures of Alabama police officer Eric Fields damaged the net for his uncanny same to actor and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. In fact, the Jumanji actor likewise took to social media and also reacted come the images showing how similar they look and also shared a heartwarming tweet that additionally thanked the public servant because that his services.

While fans are still stunned through both the facial and physical similarities between the two, some eagle eyes, or well may we should contact them werewolves because of their super-hearing – have noticed how similar the voices that the two space as well.

Shocked? Well, below we are sharing v you some videos the Eric Fields and Dwayne Johnson too. Inspect them out and let us know if girlfriend think they room similar. Also, scroll below to know the comment fans have actually made about the similarities and also differences too. Inspect out few of the videos below:



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Commenting top top his videos, several fans have pointed the end that both Dwayne Johnson & Eric fields not only share physics resemblances but also their voices are pretty much the same. Commenting top top one video, a user had actually written, “Why you also speak prefer him?” Another, ~ above the very same video, replied saying, “I refuse to believe you are not the same person,” when a third added, “Dude also sounds favor rocky .. What the fck ..” another fan added, “You likewise speak prefer the rock