It appears as if Darren Criss misses Glee almost as much as the rest of the fans. It has actually been a small bit much more than six years since FOX‘s beloved music dramedy went off the air. But the pan are just as passionate about Glee this day as they were 6 years ago. And, thankfully, few of the series’ stars, like Darren Criss, will certainly still post videos and also photos about Glee to keep the show alive.

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Darren Criss | picture by Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic

Darren Criss played Blaine Anderson in ‘Glee’

Blaine Anderson, play by Darren Criss, was most likely one the the many popular personalities in Glee. And also he didn’t even display up come the party until season 2.

In episode 6 the season 2, cut Hummel goes to Dalton Academy to spy ~ above the Warblers, who room the rivals of new Directions. There, the meets Blaine, who is the command singer that the Warblers. Cut watches together the school’s glee club sings “Teenage Dream,” which would certainly go under as a favorite performance amongst fans. Immediately, Kurt and Blaine form a strong connection, and later in the season, they end up being a couple.

In season 3, Blaine transfers to McKinley High school to be closer to Kurt. But since Kurt is one year older than Blaine, he graduates at the end of season 3 and heads turn off to new York, if Blaine continues to be in Ohio for an additional year. The distance in between the pair proves to it is in detrimental, and Blaine cheat on Kurt. The couple breaks up. However not all hope was lost for Blaine and Kurt’s partnership because, in season 5, lock get earlier together. And by season 6, they room married.

In the collection finale the Glee, which jumps ahead five years, Darren Criss’ personality is a renowned actor along with his husband. And also their girlfriend Rachel Berry is carrying Blaine and also Kurt’s child. A happily ever before after, indeed.

A brand-new TikTok mirrors Darren Criss re-enacting his very first scene in ‘Glee’

Apparently, Glee lie in season 6 when they claimed that Dalton Academy scorched down because Darren Criss newly posted a TikTok video of the re-enacting a scene in the school. In the video, Criss walks down the well known steps in ~ Dalton in his uniform suit jacket. As soon as he gets to the bottom the the stairs, the actor looks at the camera and says, “What?” and also then go away.

The subtitle for the video clip reads, “don’t forget ur jacket.” As plenty of Glee fans remember, Criss’ very first scene featured that walking under those steps and also meeting Kurt. After Blaine mirrors him whereby the Warblers are performing, he speak Kurt, “…don’t forget your jacket, brand-new kid.”

And it’s vital to keep in mind that anyone is taking the video clip of Darren Criss is to sing the “do-do-do-do-do-boo-boo-boo” Glee song.

‘Glee’ is leaving Netflix soon

To the dismay that Gleeks everywhere, all six periods of Glee will certainly be leaving Netflix at the end of November. The reason for its remove is unknown, but it’s likely as result of contractual agreements in between FOX and Netflix.

After Glee pipeline Netflix, fans can still clock Darren Criss together Blaine Anderson on other platforms, though. Every six seasons of the series are obtainable to stream and download top top Amazon Prime video clip for all subscribers. However if you don’t pay for that service, pan can likewise look elsewhere to clock Glee.

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The FOX present is obtainable to acquisition or rent on YouTube, to apologize TV (aka iTunes), Google Play, and also Vudu because that $1.99 every episode. You can also choose come buy entire seasons top top these solutions for a reduced price.

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