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young name Swank in "Million dollar Baby." Warner Bros. hilary Swank spend 210 grams the protein every day because that 90 days while training for "Million disagreement Baby."

"My training to be two and a half hours of boxing and approximately an hour and a half to two hrs lifting weights every day,six daysa week," Swanktold Movieweb. "The producers asked me to get 10 pounds the muscle. I obtained 19 pounds the muscle. I started at 110 and also went to 129. I would certainly drink mine egg whites since I can never eat 8 to 12 egg whites in a sitting. It"s simply the worst point ever."

Ryan Reynolds obtained 25 pounds the muscle because that "Blade Trinity" and also kept it on because that "Green Lantern."


The photo on the left mirrors Ryan Reynolds in may 2004. On the right, you can see that in "Blade Trinity" which come out in December 2004. Donald Weber, Getty Images/New heat

Reynolds" trainer,Bobby Storm,told WebMDthe star worked out 90 minutes every job for 6 to 7 months to bulk up to 200 pounds.

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"For a romantic comedy, he requirements to shrink under a bit," claimed Storm. "ForBladeandGreen Lantern, he to be 200 pounds and also 8% human body fat. Because that rom-coms , he"s about 180 and also 11% human body fat."

Reynolds called Men"s Fitness he obtained 25 pounds of muscle because that "Blade Trinity" ~ adhering to a 3,200-calorie day-to-day diet and doing six-day-a-week workouts for three months.

Emma rock gained 15 pounds the muscle to transform into a tennis legend because that "Battle that the Sexes."


Emma rock as billie Jean King. Melinda Sue Gordon/20th Century Fox

Trainer Jason Walsh helped stone train to become Billie Jean King in about three months.

Stone drank two high-calorie protein shakes a day and underwent strength training practice which had working out 5 times a weekdeadlifting 185 poundsand70-pound dumbbells.

"She obtained really strong, I"m talk like, we were pushing and also dragging sleds with hundreds of pounds, which to be awesome to watch," Walsh said People.

Mark Wahlberg obtained 20 pounds in 3 weeks because that an upcoming movie role.


note Wahlberg attends the Netflix Premiere Spenser Confidential at Westwood village Theatre on February 27, 2020 in Westwood, California. Joe Scarnici/Getty images for Netflix

Wahlberg newly showed turn off a photo of his body revolution on Instagram.

"I"m walking up an additional 20. Correctly it"s for a role," Wahlberg wrote.

The actor and producer is at this time filming 2 projects, "Arthur the King" and "Stu," yet didn"t determine what role the weight acquire is for.

Walhberg is play adventure racer Mikael Lindnord who finds a stray dog, Arthur, in the an initial film. The latter"s plot is being kept under wraps.

You can see Wahlberg"s transformation on Instagram here.

Mark Ruffalo gained 30 pounds in five weeks to play one twin on HBO's "I recognize This much Is True."

note Ruffalo stars on HBO's "I understand This lot Is True." Atsushi Nishijima/HBO

Ruffalo plays twins Dominic and also Thomas ~ above the HBO series. Throughout the tv Critics" Association push tour in January, Ruffalo stated he shooting scenes as Dominic before gaining the weight by force-feeding self over five weeks come play Thomas.

The brother takes a combination of stabilizers and also antipsychotics to help with a mental illness that reasons weight gain.

"Those 5 weeks were kind of lonely, I"d been away from my family and also (Thomas) hears voices, and also I was imaging the life and there was a couple of weeks whereby I was just staying by myself, walking down right into the love of this mental illness and also studying it," said Ruffalo, follow to Variety.

Tom hardy gained virtually 30 pounds to play Bane in "The Dark article Rises."

Tom Hardy together Bane in "The Dark knight Rises." Warner Bros.

Some world didn"t believe Hardy bulked up sufficient to play rogue Bane in "The Dark knight Rises."Before the film"s release, somefans to be slightly displeased.In the comics and animated series, Bane"s muscles are exaggerated. He"s able to lift 1,500 lbs.

Hardy later on told CineMoviehe gained up come 190 lbs and defended his weight get to fans:

I"m in ~ 190. Bat-fans desire me to be over 220lbs. 400lbs. I"m favor dude! Batman is like Superman, Spider-Man — the belongs come so plenty of people. Therefore many world love him. The belongs to them, and also when friend step into that sort of character, you space going come fail. And be judged. I"m human, and also I perform read things. I review the comments, and I cry. I can"t cry because that everybody. Ns just provide them a job, and also be the finest that I can be. Just trust me. Ns trust Nolan.

Renee Zellweger to be on a 4,000-calorie-a-day diet to get weight for “Bridget Jones: The edge of Reason.”

Renee Zellweger in "Bridget Jones" and in 2016 on "The Tonight present with Jimmy Fallon." Universal, Theo Wargo/Getty photos

According to People, Zellweger went from a size 4 to 14 eat 4,000 calories a work to lug Jones earlier to the big screen in the 2004 sequel.

Though Zellweger to be willing to get weight for 2016"s third movie, "Bridget Jones"s Baby," director Sharon Maguire talked her the end of it.

"Sharon was hoping we can show the Bridget had achieved her best weight, yet at the very same time that didn"t mean her life was perfect," Zellweger called the day-to-day Telegraph.

Zellweger called Vogue UKshe ultimately ended up addinga couple of poundsfor the role.

Ewan McGregor obtained weight for his upcoming double role top top FX's "Fargo."

Here's among the personalities Ewan McGregor will certainly play ~ above "Fargo." Matthias Clamer/FX

McGregor opened up about getting ready to prepare for play two an extremely different twins on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"back in October.

"I have to load on a little of weight so I"ve began doing a little of that... Simply eating loads of food," McGregor said. "Anything ns want, whenever i want."

Matt Damon put on 30 pounds for his function in "The Informant."

Matt Damon in "The Informant." screenshot/The Informant

Damon not just packed on the pounds because that his duty as the angry president-turned-CIA-informant mark Whitacre, but he had fun law it.

"I definitely got doughy," Damon called Entertainment Weekly. "I began eating prefer crazy and also drinking dark beer. Between meals ~ above set, I"d eat a No. 1 worth Meal at McDonald"s and also then Doritos on top of it. That was pure heaven."

George Clooney gained an ext than 30 pounds for his function in "Syriana."

George Clooney wasn't a fan of acquiring weight for "Syriana." Warner Bros.

George Clooney didn"t gain packing ~ above the poundsfor his function as a CIA operative in 2005"s "Syriana."

"There to be nothing fun about it," claimed Clooney. "There was no a moment that to be fun about shooting this film. That"s not a slap ~ above the movie or Gaghan. It"s simply that everybody has actually that year wherein you age a decade and this was the one because that me."

Bradley Cooper gained 40 pounds because that "American Sniper."

Bradley Cooper got an Oscar nod for his role in "American Sniper." Keith Bernstein/Warner brothers

Cooper bulked as much as 225 pounds to play us Navy SEAL chris Kyle in "American Sniper."

The Oscar-nominated actortold Men"s Healthhe functioned with a trainer twice a work to help him gain the load in 10 weeks:

In the first workout, start at 5 a.m., they concentrated on structural exercises favor deadlifts and also squats to construct a structure solid sufficient to hold the extra mass. The 2nd workout, late in the afternoon, was an ext focused on classic muscle-building exercises. Cooper necessary both species of training come convincingly portray chris Kyle.

Christian Bale got 43 pounds eat doughnuts, cheeseburgers, and much more to mass up because that his duty in "American Hustle."

Christian Bale has frequently lost and also gained load for film roles. Francois Duhamel / Sony images

Bale estimated going from around 185 to 228 pounds for "American Hustle." The gibbs alsoshavedhis head, and also slouched sufficient toaccidentally herniate a bowl in his back.

The actor to be so unrecognizable the costar Robert de Niro had actually to ask that Bale to be upon conference him on set.

Bale recently gained 40 pounds again to take it on the role of cock Cheney.

Bale will play the previous Vice president in "Vice." Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images and Annapurna pictures

After gaining and losing load for multiple roles,Bale said CBS"s "This Morning" he worked with a nutrionist in bespeak to obtain the load in a healthy means for "Vice."

"It to be the very first time in mine life that i realized I had to execute this in a clever way," he said. "I"ve lost weight, I"ve acquired weight, I never went to a nutritionist in mine life. It was the very first time that i said, "You recognize what? I better really carry out this the appropriate way.""

You have the right to read much more on exactly how Bale transformed for the movie, the end in theatersDecember 25, here.

Matthew McConaughey claimed he ate pizza all the moment to get 47 pounds because that his role in "Gold."

Previously, McConaughey had actually lost virtually 50 pounds for "Dallas Buyers Club." Frederick M. Brown/Getty photos

McConaughey had fun bringing his load up. He told Graham Norton that instituted a preeminence where he stated yes to any type of of his desires and also carried that rule over come his family.

"Pizza night can be any night and also if the youngsters wanted to walk bowling in ~ midnight ~ above a school night the was a an excellent idea too," McConaughey said. "Cheeseburger and also beer for breakfast to be a good idea too. Ns really serene on the rules!"

"I to be fat and also happy," that added.

McConaugheypreviously shed over 47poundsfor 2013"s "Dallas Buyers Club."

Rob McElhenney spent five months gaining 50 pounds to do his character funnier top top "It's constantly Sunny in Philadelphia."

plunder McElhenney taken on the challenge to obtain weight because that his FX series. FX

When the FX serieswas going to begin its seventh season, creator and star rob McElhenney thought getting weightwould be a an excellent way come mock other shows.He also thought it would certainly make his character, Mac, funnier.

"I was watching a popular sitcom and I noticed that every one of the characters looked more handsome or simply simply better looking ... And also I thought I had actually never viewed a show in which the personalities — or the actor particularly — tried come look worse together the show progressed. And also I believed that if there was ever before going to it is in a present in i m sorry that would make sense then this would certainly be it," said McElhenney in a behind-the-scenes conversation for the show. "I made decision to watch as damaging as possible."

McElhenney damaged down what that ate to gain the load in a chat through Nick Kroll in 2011.

"As I started off ns was law it with chicken breast and rice and vegetables," claimed McElhenney."But when you"re four months in it and you have to muscle under 1,000 calories because that the 3rd time or fourth time in a day and also you have to either eat 3 chicken breasts, two cups of rice and also two cups of vegetables — or one large Mac — you start to watch the large Mac and also realize it"s a lot less complicated to gain down … and then every when in a while I would eat 3 donuts. And every day among my meals was a high-calorie protein shake."

Charlize Theron said she to be depressed after gaining weight in a brief time for "Tully." emphasis Features/Ulet Ifansasti, Getty images

"I just I wanted to feel what this woman felt, and also I think that was a way for me to obtain closer come her and get right into that mindset," Theron told "Entertainment Tonight" about putting on the weight in three months come play a mother of three. But it wasn"t easy to do.

"I got hit in the face pretty tough with depression ," she added. "The very first three mainly are always fun due to the fact that you"re as with a boy in a liquid store. So that was funny to go and have breakfast at In-N-Out and also have 2 milkshakes. And then after three weeks, it"s not funny anymore. Like, every one of a sudden you"re simply done eating that amount and also then it i do not care a job."

It took her a year and a half to lose the weight.

It"s no the first movie she has gained weight for. Charlize Theron said Guerrilla Traveler she ate junk food to acquire 30 pounds for her prostitute-turned-serial killer role in 2003"s "Monster."

Theron won the ideal actress Oscar for she performance.

Ryan Gosling surprised everyone as soon as he proved up on collection overweight. AP / Carolyn Kaster

The actor finished up never appearing in the 2009 film.

Gosling called The Hollywood Reporter Peter Jackson fired him once he proved up 60 pounds heavier to the set.

"I was 150 pounds when rental me, and also I confirmed up on set 210 pounds," Gosling said. "We had actually a different idea of just how the character need to look. Ns really believed he need to be 210 pounds. I was melting Haagen Dazs and also drinking it when I to be thirsty."

Gosling admitted that didn"t think he looked great; however, he believed it was crucial for the duty of a grieving father.

"I really thought in it. I was excited around it. I verified up, and also they said, "You look at terrible." and I said, "I know! Isn"t that great?" "No, it"s not. Go hit the treadmill" ... Then i was fat and also unemployed."

Jackson"s wife, Fran Walsh, called a different story around the actor"s insecurities for the roleresulting in his can be fried departure.

Robert De Niro winner an Oscar because that his initiatives in "Raging Bull." MGM

Talk about dedication.

In order come play the above boxer Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull," Robert de Niro built muscle andtrainedwith the legend himself to acquire the look at of the boxer during his heyday.De Niro even fought in three different boxing matches in an effort to be as convincing as possible.

De Niro packed on almost60 pounds the weightto record LaMotta"s later on years, a drastic body readjust that offered the gibbs rashes and also breathing issues.

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It paid turn off — De Niro picked up both a golden Globe and also Academy Award for his role in "Raging Bull."

Gaining nearly 70 pounds wasn't easy emotionally because that D'Onofrio. Warner Bros.

D"Onofrio brought his weight as much as 280 pounds to play the troubled naval Corps recruitLeonard in Stanley Kubrick"s 1987 film "Full metal Jacket."

The revolution didn"t walk without that difficulties. D"Onofrio told the brand-new York Timesitcomplicated somethingas straightforward as shoes tyingto socializing in public.

"It changed my life," D"Onofrio said. "Women didn"t look at me; most of the moment I to be looking at their backs as they were to run away. Human being used come say things to me twice, since they assumed I was stupid."

Still, that didn"t avoid him from doing the again years later. The actor additionally gained 45 pounds because that the 2002 movie "The Salton Sea."