To mark the debut that FX"s "Impeachment: American Crime Story" top top Sept. 7, 2021, is acquisition a look at some of the stars who"ve play real-life presidents end the years, beginning with the British actor who"s happen America"s 42nd president to life because that 10 episodes of this buzzy brand-new show… Clive Owen stars together President bill Clinton on "Impeachment: American Crime Story," the third season of the FX true-crime anthology television collection "American Crime Story."

Keep analysis to see what other actors have shined as leaders that the complimentary world…

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Sam Rockwell deserve a ideal supporting actor Oscar nomination because that his performance together President George W. Bush in the 2018 movie "VICE."

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Love him or hate him, Alec Baldwin"s satirical portrayal the Donald trump card on "Saturday Night Live" has been hailed together the "most necessary performance ~ above television." Alec — that in 2017 winner an Emmy for his work-related as trump — has actually been impersonating the controversial candidate due to the fact that the 2016 presidential choice run.

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In 2012, British-Irish gibbs Daniel Day-Lewis starred as former President Abraham Lincoln in "Lincoln" — a riveting biopic covering the last 4 months the the slain president"s life. The power earned Daniel plenty of awards consisting of an Oscar, a display Actors Guild Award and also a golden Globe. Funny fact: an additional Irish actor, Liam Neeson, to be originally cast in the function but later dropped out after realizing throughout a table read that he just wasn"t right for the part.

Greg Kinnear played President man F. Kennedy in the 2011 eight-part biographical miniseries "The Kennedys" co-starring Katie Holmes together Jackie Kennedy. The Emmy-winning miniseries take it a an ext personal look in ~ the lives of the most renowned (and infamous) family to ever before serve in the White House throughout some the the most an important moments in ours nation"s history.

Nick Nolte starred as establishing father and also author that the American constitution thomas Jefferson in the 1995 film "Jefferson in Paris." The film takes place several years before his presidency throughout a time when he served as the American ambassador come France and also was rumored to have had actually an illicit love affair with his 15-year-old slave, Sally Hemings (played by Thandie Newton).

Although the 2016 biographical drama "Southside v You" takes ar in 1989 — long prior to Barack Obama ended up being the an initial African American president of the United states — the story is a heartwarming look at the beforehand relationship in between him and also his future wife, Michelle Obama. The film stars Tika Sumpter as Michelle and Parker Sawyers as young Barack.

Actor Bryan Cranston took on the function of cantankerous President lindon B. Johnson in the HBO initial movie "All the Way." The film is based on the year following President John. F. Kennedy"s assassination and how chairman Johnson worked with civil legal rights leaders (like Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr., illustrated by Anthony Mackie) to pass regulation that would ensure equality because that every American.

Dennis Quaid starred as President invoice Clinton in the 2010 biographical drama "The distinct Relationship." The movie centers ~ above the alliance between U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair (played by Michael Sheen) and also President Clinton in the mid-"90s.

Actor open minded Langella take it on the function of former President Richard Nixon in the 2008 biographical drama "Frost/Nixon." The movie takes ar three year after the notorious Watergate scandal caused Nixon"s resignation, once he took component in a confession-style interview with media personality and journalist David Frost (played through Michael Sheen).

One of the numerous actors to star as a U.S. Leader in the 2013 drama "The Butler" was James Marsden, that played President john F. Kennedy, through Minka Kelly playing his wife, Jackie Kennedy. The story is told v the lens of butler Cecil Gaines (played by forest Whitaker), who spent 34 years functioning for eight various presidents in the White House.

Another famous face to display up in 2013"s "The Butler" to be Robin Williams. In among the many subdued performances of his lifetime, Robin play President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served in the White residence from 1953 come 1961.

The 2013 movie "The Butler" spanned three years (from 1957 come 1991) and also featured a broad cast of presidents, including the so late Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan and Jane Fonda as his an initial lady, Nancy Reagan. Alan controlled to record the essence of chairman Reagan v finesse and a touch that grandeur.

In 2008, gibbs Josh Brolin starred as George W. Shrub in the biographical drama "W." when rumors circulated that former President shrub actually preferred the film around his climb to the presidency, his brother Jeb bush told the Washington times the movie was "hooey."

Michael C. Hall played President john F. Kennedy top top the 2nd season of "The Crown." Michael"s variation of JFK on the Netflix show was a action away from just how the slain president is frequently portrayed in movies and also on TV: This time, the was depicted as a controlling, almost abusive husband that is addicted come prescription drugs.

In the gripping 1997 movie "Amistad," Anthony Hopkins played previous President man Quincy Adams. The film takes location in 1839, 10 year after president Adams" term in the White House had actually ended, during a time once he was chosen to the home of Representatives and used his endure as a lawyer to help abolish slavery.

In 2012, comedic actor bill Murray starred together President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the biographical dramedy "Hyde Park ~ above Hudson." The movie takes ar in 1939 once FDR was associated in a love affair v his cousin, Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, while having actually to entertain the king and also queen the England.

Gary Sinise starred as President take care of S. Truman in the Emmy-winning HBO original film "Truman." The story highlights president Truman"s rise from small-town farm hand come leader of the country following the death of president Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945. It also takes viewers v WWII where he do the life-altering decision come drop nuclear bombs ~ above Japan.

Newcomer Devon Terrell starred as President Barack Obama in the Netflix original movie "Barry." The 2016 flick tells the story of Barack during his college years at Columbia university in the 1980s.

Alright, probably the 2012 movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" starring Benjamin walker as the aforementioned president isn"t a true story, however we"re keeping an open mind here. The action-packed horror flick twists background on that head by making moral Abe an old-timey dude variation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (who still has time to run the country and abolish slavery). It could"ve entirely happened that way.

Film and also theater star Liev Schreiber join the actors of the 2013 biopic "The Butler" together the brusk and at times cruel lindon B. Johnson, who first served as vice chairman under man F. Kennedy and later assumed the duty of president after JFK"s assassination.

In the 1997 historic drama "Amistad," Nigel Hawthorne (center) starred as Martin van Buren, the eighth chairman of the joined States. In the film, chairman Van Buren to be against releasing the servants who rebelled while in transit from Africa to America for fear he would lose powerful Southern votes that would ensure his re-election.

In 2001, actor Jon Voight starred together President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the romantic, inspired-by-history drama "Pearl Harbor." that didn"t obtain chills when the president, after informing his staff that American forces had come strike ago (and gift told "it can"t be done") kicked ago his wheelchair and pulled himself up top top both feet before saying, "Don"t tell me what can"t be done." The answer must be: no one.

The only actor to show up twice on our list as two different presidents is Anthony Hopkins, that in 1995 transformed himself into Richard Nixon for the movie "Nixon." The biographical film adheres to the beleaguered chairman throughout his at an early stage political career and also ascension come the White House, i m sorry ultimately finished in one of the best scandals the country had ever before witnessed.

In 2016, Danish actor Caspar Phillipson shown President john F. Kennedy in the biopic "Jackie" (starring Natalie Portman). The film concentrated on Jackie Kennedy, quite than she husband, complying with his assassination in 1963.

John Carroll Lynch played President lindon B. Johnson in the 2016 movie "Jackie." The movie focuses on Jackie Kennedy (played by Natalie Portman) but additionally depicts LBJ"s swearing-in ceremony ~ the assassination of President john F. Kennedy in 1963.

Kevin Spacey take it on the role of chairman Richard Nixon in the 2016 historical comedy "Elvis & Nixon." The movie recounts the humorous story of exactly how iconic singer Elvis Presley (played by Michael Shannon) concerned meet chairman Nixon in the Oval Office in 1970.

In 2008, actor James Cromwell shown former chairman George H. W. Shrub in the biographical drama "W." The film concentrated on exactly how his son, George W. Bush (played by mock Brolin) climbed from privileged party young to president of the unified States. Interestingly, James additionally played the function of a (fictional) U.S. President in 2004 top top "The West Wing."

In the 2013 biographical drama "The Butler," man Cusack illustrated President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. The film, i m sorry covered many presidencies v the eye of White residence butler Cecil Gaines (played by woodland Whitaker), provided us a glimpse at some of the most pivotal moments in the stays of the leader he served.

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Rob Lowe starred as President man F. Kennedy in the 2013 TV movie "Killing Kennedy." The film dramatizes the presidency and also assassination that JFK as well as the life of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in the year leading as much as the president"s murder.


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