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Matt Damon happen on play a DC villain. Getty Images/Warner Bros.

Role was played by:Aaron Eckhart

Damon called MTV in one interview around "Invictus" the he had to rotate down the iconic role of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent as result of filming conflicts.

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"I couldn"t . It was a scheduling thing. But, I never ever spoke toChris Nolan," Damon said.

He had no qualms about Nolan"s final choice for the villain.

"Look, Aaron is a good actor, for this reason the movie didn"t suffer for it. Every as soon as in a while you get and you can"t do it."

Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the function of Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights."


Leonardo DiCaprio regretted no being in "Boogie Nights." Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images/New line Cinema

Role to be playedby: Mark Wahlberg

After watching the in "The Basketball Diaries," Paul cutting board Anderson wanted DiCaprio come star in "Boogie Nights." DiCaprio turned it under to show up in "Titanic," but recommended his friend and also "Basketball Diaries" costar mark Wahlberg.

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DiCaprio told GQ in 2008 that he regretted turning down the role. ""Boogie Nights" is a movie i loved and also I wish i would"ve done."

When asked if he would reverse his decision if the could, DiCaprio said, "I"m no saying I would certainly have. But it would have been a different direction, career-wise. Ns think they"re both an excellent and wish I could have excellent them both."

DiCaprio was also reportedly offered $20 million by Lionsgate come portray crazed serial killer Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho," also though director mary Harron wanted Christian Bale in the role. She was changed by director Oliver Stone, yet DiCaprio and stone couldn"t agree ~ above a an imaginative direction, therefore DiCaprio left to film "The Beach." Harron returned to the project and Bale was cast.