Jeri Ryan do her exhilaration debut top top an episode of Who’s the Boss? and parlayed that right into a job guest-starring ~ above shows like Matlock and Melrose Place. It was in 1997 though that she became a legit celebrity, as soon as she was actors as 7 of ripe on Star Trek: Voyager.

The Star Trek: Voyager Years


Jeri Ryan came to be an prompt phenomenon once she joined the cast of Star Trek: Voyager. She’d been acting in tv for year by the moment she landing the duty of seven so sure, she knew her means around in front of the camera. She character soon came to be the primary emphasis of the entire show, and also Ryan was approximately the challenge.

It wasn’t simple though. Talking about the obstacles of playing seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan claims the worst thing around it to be the costume. She explains, “The corset no a lot of fun. No being may be to go to the bathroom without the whole crew learning it, and having to make production shut down. That was a bit of a downside.

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Going come the toilet was, apparently, yes, really a large problem. Jeri says, “If I had actually to go, it was on the radio, ‘Jeri’s going. 10-1. That’s 20.’ Because, friend know, I had to have actually somebody dress me and undress me. It to be a 20-minute thing to acquire me undressed, go to the bathroom, gain dressed, go earlier to set. It was a thing.


Jeri Ryan’s an initial season top top the show she struggle a genuine snag once she acquired so ill they had to shut under the entire production. Ryan reveals, “I actually gained so sick my first season ~ above the show because I feeling so bad that it was a manufacturing shutdown, so i would just not drink every day. And I acquired really ill. It’s not a great thing to do.

Jeri Ryan ~ Voyager


After Voyager ended in 2001 Jeri Ryan got work in movies like Dracula 2000, however she primarily uncovered success top top television. Over there she came to be a steadily functioning character actor, law guest spots on Boston Legal, Leverage, Psych, Law & Order, NCIS, and a hold of other well known dramas.

Jeri Ryan came to be a series regular on the show Shark, law 34 episodes as Jessica Devlin. Later she became a consistent on display Body the Proof act 42 episodes together Kate Murphy. Jeri also got to express her enthusiasm for cooking, showing up on the present Iron Chef: America as a judge.

Jeri Ryan associated In Controversy


After Star Trek, Jeri Ryan to be thrust earlier into the limelight for much less happy reasons. In 1999 she divorced her husband Jack Ryan. They have a son together, Alex Ryan born in 1994. Unfortunately, the drama approximately their marriage wouldn’t end with their divorce.

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In 2004 Jeri Ryan’s ex-husband Jack Ryan went on to operation for the us Senate and during his campaign court records from his divorce with Jeri were unearthed. Those records revealed the Jeri and Jack had frequented swingers clubs in brand-new York, brand-new Orleans, and Paris. Jeri defined one the the areas as “a bizarre club through cages, whips, and also other device hanging indigenous the ceiling.”

Jeri Ryan declared she didn’t really desire to walk to these swinger clubs, and also that Jack coerced she to go and also participate in public sex acts. The revelation ended Jack Ryan’s politics career.

Jeri Ryan Now


In recent years Jeri Ryan’s job has uncovered a resurgance. She has actually found an ext steady job-related on television as a collection regular ~ above the reboot the MacGyver. She has also returned come the people of Star Trek, appearing on Star Trek: Picard as 7 of Nine, where she’s collection to end up being a consistent in Star Trek: Picard season 2.