As abc closes the book on seven periods of the Shonda Rhimes-created politics drama, the actress looks back on she journey and how the display helped she heal indigenous grief and her own #MeToo experience.

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Sometimes i think the was all a dream, except for the fact that it adjusted my totality life.

I auditioned for Scandal during pilot season 2011. I’d come in L.A. In 2000, having actually spent ripe years doing theater in new York after college. I’d been happy to occupational steadily (pilots, guest spots, recurring roles, films), however nothing that had popped. I auditioned because that Scandal the day prior to my component started on the set: ns only had two currently in the pilot, so i was a very last-minute addition.


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At the very first table check out after we obtained picked approximately series, Shonda Rhimes go around and also told everyone what their arc would be because that those first seven episodes : She claimed I’d be approximately for 3 episodes; that she want to write a presidential divorce. The is the greatest gift of my life time that somehow, before that happened, the writers uncovered the usefulness that Mellie as a fulcrum in Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and also Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) relationship, and also by the 2nd season, ns was brought on together a regular.


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I stay so proud of all Shonda has actually done to normalize the vista that television: Everyone has a chair at she table, nevertheless of just how they look or whom they love. She is interested in souls. In story. And also she to know how essential it is to acquire to watch your story represented: to not feel alone ~ above this planet in your journey.

I additionally remain proud come have gained to pat a president. Our nation is behind many of the rest of the civilization in that is comfort with female leadership; I’m certainly hoping the era is ending, and I love every minute of acquiring to bring a mrs POTUS right into living rooms everywhere. And loved that I had actually such great company in that venture on TV this year.

I’m frequently asked whether I’m happy with how it every ended. What I deserve to tell girlfriend is that in terms of story, we had no idea whereby it would certainly land till the table review for the final episode. It’s for this reason thrilling to occupational on a show that surprises you in ~ every turn, to the suggest that together you’re finishing the penultimate episode, friend stillhave no idea exactly how it will certainly all end. I bow under to our authors for never taking the easy way out or overplanning: They created themselves into corners time and also time again, and also found bold but organic means to gain out the them. I feel prefer the finish of the collection is no exception. Those personalities live on because that me currently (well, through one notable, spoiler alert exception) in means that feeling true to who they are, that honor the route they every were on all along. In terms of family, I hold out hope the will never end. I know life pulls you in various directions, yet we’re all very aware of how special this chemistry is: No one’s ready to let the go any kind of time soon.


I guess: v the glitter that I’m still blinking back in my eye is that feeling that through the right support, we have the right to all grow into our best selves. This loving family I gained to share 7 season v healed me in means I might never fully understand. Obtaining to beat Mellie taught me, unequivocally, just how it feels to fight for her dreams and never give up. Functioning in Shondaland taught me that love is the supreme motivator, not fear. And emerging from this gift that a lifetime, i am inspired to pay front the gifts of these 7 seasons: to assistance enthusiastically, to love boundlessly, to pleasure in other’s successes, to save listening to mine heart and moving in the direction it reflects me v as lot resilience and grace as possible.

It wasn’t a dream, however it certain felt favor one. And also now ns know dreams are achievable if everybody join hands and also leaps together. Till following time.

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Bellamy Young next stars in alphabet drama pilot False Profits, with the cosmetics drama noting her very first time at the height of the call sheet.