In 2011, longtime friend Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler teamed because that the romantic comedy "Just Go v It." Eight years later, the duo has reunited for Netflix"s "Murder Mystery" after ~ jumping at the chance to job-related together again.

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In 2011, longtime friend Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler teamed because that the romantic comedy Just Go with It. Eight year later, the duo has reunited because that Netflix’s Murder secret after jumping in ~ the opportunity to work together again.

At the film’s Los Angeles premiere top top Monday, Aniston claimed that she walk the movie specifically “because that , that’s the just reason,” since he was currently attached as a star and producer.

As for exactly how this one compared to their first collaboration, the actress listed how lock filmed “one in Hawaii and one remained in Italy, so we simply were spoiled rotten again and just had actually fun.”

Sandler, ~ above the various other hand, joked the he “got better over the years, and I think Jennifer is struggling to stay with my chops, however I think at some point she’ll acquire there the next time.”

Murder Mystery tells the story of an American couple who go on a european vacation and wind up being framed because that the killing of an elderly billionaire. Sandler, that has had actually a deal with Netflix due to the fact that 2014, want to make the pic because of that portrayal the marriage and also the dynamic in between his and Aniston’s characters.

“What ns loved mostly about it to be it to be a married pair that gets together and shows what it’s like as soon as you assistance each other and rely on each other,” that told The Hollywood Reporter ~ above the red carpet. “It’s a an extremely romantic movie around marriage, that’s what ns liked around it.”

Writer James Vanderbilt said he was inspired to pen that positive perception of marriage since he had actually never checked out a movie about two civilization in love, rather than breaking up or obtaining together.

“I loved the idea of do a movie around a couple that works together really, yes, really well to accomplish something together,” he said. Vanderbilt also revealed the long road to acquire the movie made, having written the manuscript 14 years earlier and cycle through plenty of stars and directors over the critical decade. The one constant, that said, was Sandler.

“The an excellent thing about it to be Adam Sandler cursed to that years and years and also years ago, and we make the efforts to gain it produced years and also years and also years, and finally when he saw Netflix, he kind of elevated his hand and said, ‘I really desire to carry out this here,"” described Vanderbilt.

The writer added that currently that the movie is finally complete, no one could have starred as well as Sandler and also Aniston.

“The idea constantly was what if the prototypical American couple kind that crash-landed right into an Agatha Christie movie, and also I think they space this type of remarkable blue-collar American couple,” Vanderbilt claimed of the pic’s 2 stars. “Nobody might play that and also they could, so that was sort of a dream come true to have that.”

The premiere, held at the Regency town Theater in Westwood, also welcomed manager Kyle Newacheck and also co-stars louis Gerardo Mendez, Shioli Kutsuna, man Kani and also Dany Boon, who reminisced around the time Sandler played music on set and Aniston organized cast dinners. Kevin Nealon, rob Schneider, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and also Netflix boss Ted Sarandos were likewise in attendance.

Murder Mystery beginning streaming Friday top top Netflix.

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