Jeremy Garelick has signed on to straight the comedy as well as polish the manuscript by James Vanderbilt.

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Adam Sandler and also Jennifer Aniston are nearing deals to return because that Murder an enig 2, which Jeremy Garelick has actually just signed top top to straight for Netflix.

The initial 2019 movie witnessed Sandler and also Aniston play a married couple framed for murder if on vacation. Deadline damaged the news about Garelick's hiring, including that Netflix is fast-tracking manufacturing on the sequel, i m sorry is expected to shoot in Paris and the Caribbean. And let's be honest, friend don't hire a director and fast-track a sequel if the original stars aren't comes back, right?

James Vanderbilt composed the screenplay and also Garelick will execute a polishing on the script, having previously created Aniston's hit movie The Break-Up. An ext than 30 million people watched at the very least two minute of Murder secret during its very first weekend on Netflix, bring about a four-week calculation of 73 million. That's a most eyeballs, specifically for an original title that isn't also an activity movie.

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I've well-known Garelick because that a while now -- we had lunch top top the day that his directorial debut The Wedding Ringer struggle theaters -- and he's a sharp, savvy guy who additionally happens come be very funny. It to be Garelick who teamed with Mickey Liddell's LD entertain banner to launch the production company American High, which climate bought an exit high school in upstate brand-new York to usage for the provocative teenager comedies in i beg your pardon the agency specializes. These encompass the Hulu movies The Binge and Big Time Adolescence, and also the streamer's upcoming relax Sex Appeal. Garelick, who additionally produced The can be fried Playlist of Noise because that Hulu, is represented by UTA and Morris Yorn.

I taken place to enjoy Murder Mystery, which was something the a guilty satisfied in the eye of this reporter, who has actually long had a soft spot for Sandler. If he and also Aniston space willing to collection sail ~ above a brand-new adventure to Paris and the Caribbean, I'm down to check it out, let's simply hope one of them doesn't wind up the victim in action 1. Netflix simply shelled out huge bucks for one more murder mystery -- Knives the end 2 -- so perhaps this genre is simply bringing in the views. All I recognize is, I wanted Murder Mystery come the first Knives Out movie, for this reason if that ain't broke, don't fix it.

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