Adrienne Maloof john Photography/ShutterstockAdrienne Maloof has actually no to plan to hold a diamond again whenever soon.

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“Cameos, yes. However to walk full-time, it’s a permanent job and also I’m still increasing three boys,” the 58-year-old truth TV personality newly told Us Weekly at the Haunted Mansion Party she cohosted with Vivica A. Fox, i m sorry was sponsored by Drinkade.

Adrienne, who starred ~ above RHOBH for periods 1-3, shares boy Gavin, 16, and 13-year-old pair Colin and Nassif v ex-husband Paul Nassif. She told Us the she is looking front to seeing few of her former costars at BravoCon in brand-new York City, i beg your pardon kicks turn off on Friday, November 15.

“I check out them on and also off at events. Ns busy v my very own children, however you know, ns think I have a respect for any type of of castle to execute reality tv It’s no easy,” she explained. “We store in touch. Ns going to brand-new York for BravoCon.”

Adrienne no the just Housewife who exited the collection over the years. Season 10 that RHOBH, i beg your pardon is right now filming, will note the an initial season there is no Lisa Vanderpump.

“Was ns shocked? ns don’t know. I think honestly, ns don’t know,” Adrienne told Us about Lisa’s exit. “I don’t understand what she to be going through. I believe that it gave her a exorbitant platform. You need to respect whereby it takes you. The an way for her career and also your business.”

She continued: “I think you need to go in thinking, exactly how do I want to — I hate to use the word capitalize, but, you type of want to capitalize ~ above an international platform. Even if it is it’s her philanthropic work, your business, that’s how you desire to walk in thinking. How am i going to develop what I’ve constantly wanted come create? because it does give you an exceptional platform.”

Adrienne is collection to appear on a panel held by Andy Cohen with other OG Housewives Jill Zarin (RHONY), Caroline Manzo (RHONJ), Kim Zolciak-Biermann (RHOA) and Jeana Keough (RHOC) at BravoCon on Friday. Several members the the current cast of RHOBHKyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Denise Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Jayne— will certainly attend the fan-fest throughout the weekend. Vanderpump will likewise be there with the actors of her spinoff series, Vanderpump Rules.

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