Adrienne Curry to be the very first winner the Tyra Banks" America"s following Top Model. Here are part little-known details around the model!

Adrianne Curry, Matthew Rhodes and Tyra Banks
America"s following Top Model was one of those guilty pleasure mirrors fans couldn"t get enough of. Native the wild and wacky photoshoots to organize Tyra Bank"s infamous cycle four-line, "I have never yelled in ~ a girl like this in mine life," the reality television present was absolutely addicting once it an initial aired in 2003.

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Fans the the modeling competition show will remember its an initial winner, Adrianne Curry. The Illinois aboriginal took house the prize that included a contract v Wilhelmina Models in brand-new York City and landed dozens the modeling gigs for magazines. But, over there is a lot more to know about Curry than her time top top the show, specifically what she"s been up to after gift crowned America"s following Top Model. 

10 Adrianne landing A Ton of Modeling Gigs After her Win

America"s next Top Model may have had actually its ups and downs, however it gave fans a most memorable contestants. The show"s very first winner, Adrianne Curry was recognized for her edgyCurr and also gutsy personality, also feuding with organize Tya financial institutions publicly after her win. However, that didn"t stop her from trying to do it in Hollywood.

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After her ANTM win, Curry went on to authorize a contract through Wilhelmina design in brand-new York City and also modeled for loads of magazines, including, Life & Style, Star, Maxim, and Spanish Marie Claire. 

9 She landed A spread In Playboy

Adrianne Curry may have had actually to do some uncomfortable and odd photoshoots as soon as she to be a contestant on ANTM, but one gig that she was pleased come take part in to be posing for Playboy. Curry posed for the notorious magazine and also even landed the cover for the American execution of Playboy in February 2006.

Curry would return for a 2nd cover and also spread in the newspaper in the January 2008 issue. She also made the magazine"s height 100 Playboy spreads 2008 edition.

8 She to be On Season 4 Of VH1"s The Surreal Life

Many that the former ANTM contestants have actually gone on to star in movies, tv shows and have even changed their careers entirely, but winner Adrianne Curry went on come star in the truth television show The Surreal Life. 

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The show was about not-so-famous celebs life in the very same house and also how castle live their day come day life in one L.A. Mansion. Adrianne ended up filming with The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight, and the pair began dating shortly after the show was over.

7 Curry obtained Her Own show Titled My same Brady v Then Fiance Christopher Knight

Curry and also her then-boyfriend gibbs Christopher Knight gained their own show on VH1 titled, My same Brady. The display pretty much followed the couple"s life together, Cury"s plastic surgery, and also Knight"s desire to start a family.

On the season finale, knight proposed to Curry, and also the 2nd season focused on the new couple"s wedding preparations.

6 She Got Married and Later divorced Knight In 2011

Adrianne Curry and also Christopher article wed on may 29, 2006, in a gothic-styled wedding in Curry"s hometown in Illinois.

At the time she stated, " I wanted to go together Gothic together I could and as classic as I might without ruffling anyone"s feathers," adding, "I want to have actually a black dress... But I knew it would certainly break my grandmother"s heart." Knight and also Curry later filed because that divorce in 2011.

5 She"s Remarried come Voice end Actor Matthew Rhode

In 2017, the design announced the she was involved to movie-trailer voice gibbs Matthew Rhodes. Follow to HuffPost, Curry and also Rhodes live a life far from the Hollywood spotlight and she look at happier 보다 ever. Curry finished up leaving California for great and relocated to Montana v her new beau.

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The two finished up eloping in Glacier nationwide Park in Montana top top September 15, 2018, and she certainly used she modeling skills as soon as it came to taking their beautiful wedding photos.

4 She claims She Never gained Her ANTM Winnings

Curry and also Tyra banks have feuded ago and forth because the model won the very first cycle of ANTM. She even insurance claims that she"s still waiting on the prizes she won during her time ~ above the show. In a blog post, Curry claims that she never received she Revlon contract and also she came to be stuck through a modeling firm that "didn"t want her come be effective in any way just to spite the show."

Former referee and an imaginative director Jay Manuel is also writing a book inspired through behind-the-scenes moment of ANTM! Will he contact out Tyra banks like Curry did?

3 She"s Pretty lot Over The Fame indigenous ANTM

After her win on the modeling compete show and also starring ~ above a pair of tv shows, Curry admitted the she"s over Hollywood.

Talking around fame, she said HuffPost, "its a bottomless pit that never ever gets filled. It"s a void," adding, "Everyone is for this reason fame-obsessed." Today, Adrianne Curry is running her own way of living blog, titled, "Adrianne Curry mine Life Post-Hollywood."

2 She"s A Rep because that Avon

Curry is likewise busy gift a representative the the beauty beauty marketing company Avon. According to the model, she ended the 2019 year together the peak online Avon sales rep in the country and continues to it is in a successful Avon rep.

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Talking about her new gig, Curry said, "Now I acquire to work from home and I want to have actually elves and also moose in mine yard... A much cry from when I had actually paparazzi outside."

1 She"s life A "Rural" Life

While it appears that Curry is content through what occurred in her past, she seems even happier now that she"s living her dream "rural life."

"Fame isn"t as an excellent as everyone makes it out to be. Something you carry out or say will certainly be thrown in your confront in 15 years... In your children"s faces... If fame method more come you than these things, carry out it up!", Curry shared.

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