Adrienne Bailon has spent lot of her adult life trying to find love in the spotlight. The former 3LW and also Cheetah girls star grew up in the general public eye. We saw her puppy love connection with plunder Kardashian come together and also fall apart in the early seasons the Keeping Up through The Kardashians. Despite she"s kept her friendships with members that the Kardashian family, every Insider, Bailon decided to go her very own way.

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In 2015, after six years v Roc nation executive Lenny Santiago, Bailon announced the two were engaged (via Us Weekly). Sadly, it didn"t last. The two damaged off the engagement and the partnership that September.

"Life lessons room hard but I"m grateful that I have actually a platform to share my journey and also hopefully encourage, inspire, or simply let women recognize they are not alone and to never provide up on detect love. Ns still believe," she shared. Bailon"s patience paid off in a huge way. Today, she"s happily married come Christian music singer Israel Houghton, yet the road there wasn"t exactly easy.

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Adrienne Bailon and also Israel Houghton an initial met in 2013 at an event at the Christian social Center in new York, they told Yahoo Lifestyle. Later on that year, they worked together ~ above I"m in Love v a Church Girl, i m sorry Bailon starred in and also he produced, every IMDb. The two stayed friends adhering to the film.

Houghton and also his an initial wife, Meleasa, separation in 2015. Your divorce wasn"t however finalized once he and Bailon began being spotted together in 2016, which led many to believe he to be cheating on Meleasa v her, together Bailon defined during an episode of The Real."Yes, ns am dating. His surname is Israel Houghton, as few of you guys might know," she said. "This man pictured here is no married. Prayer God!"

Houghton likewise refuted the rumors in a statement on his Facebook. "I met Adrienne Bailon a little bit over 2 years ago. We operated together and became friends. Our circles connected and also we remained great friends. Native a friendship, as two single adults, us have an extremely recently begun to discover a date relationship."

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Houghton took Bailon on a boat ride ~ above the Seine River throughout a trip to Paris in respectable 2016. The baited her right into doing miscellaneous cute for Instagram, yet he had other plans.

"He"s like, "If you take it these climbed petals and you revolve around and you throw them, we"ll obtain you in sluggish motion and also it"ll be such a cool thing for Instagram,"" she called Yahoo Lifestyle. "So I"m like OK I gained this. And also so as soon as I turned about to throw the climbed petals, he to be on his knee."

Three month later, the two were married on 11/11, in Paris. Now, they are working on beginning a family together. Adrienne Bailon has actually spent lot of this last year obtaining in the best shape of her life to prepare.

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"I knew the wanting to have actually a baby, I desire to it is in in the best shape of my life. Ns really buckled down this summer and also just made it happen," she said HOLA! USA. "I acquired into a regimen of functioning out, so the the work I"m pregnant, ns can continue to be regular with working out."