Adrianne Curry smized her means to the crown ~ above the an initial cycle that "America"s next Top Model," yet in a lengthy blog post, the fact TV star referred to as out the display for not sustaining her after she victory.

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In a blog titled, "The Truth around Top Model," the now "older and also wiser" brunette sheds "some light on what go down through me after that show," detailing the battles she faced trying to make it in the industry following her "ANTM" win.

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"We were promised a Revlon contract on my season and a contract through Wilhelmina. They go voice overs ~ above the actual aired show and changed what to be being stated to united state while filming," she alleged. "When i met with Revlon, they educated me they never planned on making use of the winner, anyone she might be, for any kind of ads. They rental me for $15k to design makeup in a room through 10 execs in it to honor claimed contract. I was crushed, however still really grateful. $15k is amazing!"

Unfortunately, Curry claimed that $15,000 never came. According to her, Wilhelmina gained ticked when "Top Model" made decision to market a contract through IMG Models because that Cycle 2.

"Wilhelmina asserted they were promised they"d be offered again and also again," stated Curry. "Wilhelmina then informed me castle didnt desire me to be successful in any method to spite height model," she continued, speak the agency would push 3rd place contestant Elyse more, again out of spite.

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"I reached out to Tyra and also "Top Model," desperate to acquire out of my contract and also get advice as I was no being given any castings, etc. Through an agency that want me to fail," she continued. "CRICKETS. Phone call calls ignored. Then, my $15k for Revlon? Suddenly, ns wasn"t gift paid."

"I had actually a huge heart and also I really looked come the show as mine saviors and Tyra mine angel," she added. "When ns was no hope for help and being punished by my company for being from the present after they dropped Wilhelmina ... I just wanted part guidance ... Part ... Something."

Curry claimed her firm "suddenly" became interested in she again once she was available a gig on VH1"s "Surreal Life," yet Curry stated it was mainly because Banks and the "Top Model" producers did not desire her to take part in the reality show.

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"51 minds, the producers of the "Surreal Life" let me know that "Top Model" has actually spoke come them and doesn"t want me to walk on. Suddenly, ns exist again," she explained. "I experienced Tyra and also the present as angels that had saved me and also gave me a new life. The realization that they didnt provide a f-ck about me to be crushing. I was so angry."

She claimed she action wild on "Surreal Life" -- where she"d accomplish her previous husband Christopher knight -- on purpose. "I took happiness in learning it would bother people. It to be my ode to F-CK YOU. I took every chance to allow press recognize I was never paid or offered my prize. I"d talk shit about Tyra simply to execute it. Revenge to be sweet. I talked foolish shit that i wouldn"t carry out now, ns was a kid."

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Despite Curry"s comments, she said she is "beyond grateful" to have actually won. "Every set back, every heart break ns faced, ns grew," she added. "It do me stronger. I was set on a path that led me where I to be today."

"I wish Tyra well in she life and also have no tough feelings anymore. She is a mrs looking the end for herself in a people where no one else gives a shit about you," she included in closing. "Being reduced throat and also numb to rather in that industry is the only way to get ahead."

In one last jab in the direction of Banks, she joked that she loved exactly how her finale photograph "didn"t get hogged by Tyra," who took the photo instead of posing v them all. "She should have stuck come that, she takes an excellent shots."

"America"s following Top Model" returns because that a brand-new season with banks on VH1 in January 2018.