As component of the advancing American health and wellness initiative, on December 17, 2019, the administration took historic activity to boost patient access to transplantation by raising the number of organs obtainable for transplant. Check out NKF’s press statement top top the announcement and also our summaries of particular proposed transforms on raising deceased donation and supporting living donors. Review the comment here and here.

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On July 10, 2019, the President released the progressing American wellness Initiative at an occasion in Washington, DC, taking the largest steps forward in U.S. care since the end-stage renal condition (ESRD) program started in 1973. The nationwide foundation (NKF) carried over thirty patients, families, and providers to Washington, DC come be component of the historical announcement.
During the event, the chairman signed an executive, management Order that directs the room of human Services (HHS) to take it bold action to transform how condition is prevented, diagnosed, and also treated within the next decade. NKF worked closely with the management to construct the Initiative"s priorities and strategy, together outlined in NKF"s plan blueprint here. NKF"s CEO, Kevin Longino, himself a patient and transplant recipient, stood v the president on phase as that signed the executive Order, signaling NKF"s cooperation in this new vision for treatment in the US.
Read on to learn more about the proceeding American health and wellness initiative; clock a recording of the event, learn about the specific actions HHS will be taking to drive progress and get involved!
nationwide foundation (NKF) advocates and also Government relationships staff at the July 10 event held in ~ the Ronald Reagan Building and also International Trade center in Washington, DC.
chairman Donald Trump indicators the executive Order on progressing American Health. That is joined by patients and families from across the country, Secretary of the room of Health and also Human solutions (HHS), Alex Azar, Administrator of the Centers because that Medicare & Medicaid solutions (CMS), Seema Verma, and also NFK CEO and also transplant recipient, Kevin Longino.

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