Planned Parenthood the Michigan (PPMI) supplies unbiased, exact information about the options accessible for pregnant termination.

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Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)

The abortion pill have the right to be taken approximately the 11th mainly of pregnancy. The administration of medication causes the abortion; no procedure is involved. Get an ext information about the abortion pill.

We administer the abortion pill at every one of our wellness centers in Michigan.

If you have actually scheduled an appointment for the abortion pill, follow these instructions in plan for your visit. (See instructions in Spanish.)

In-Clinic Abortion Procedure

In-clinic abortion actions are offered through 19.6 weeks of pregnancy. This is one in-office, out-patient procedure. Us are one of the few providers who additionally offer sedation if desired. Get much more information about in-clinic abortion procedures.

We provide in-clinic abortion procedures at our Ann Arbor East, Flint, and Kalamazoo health and wellness centers. (Our other health centers perform not provide in-clinic abortions however do market the abortion pill.)

If you have actually scheduled an appointment for one in-clinic abortion, follow these accuse in plan for her visit. (See indict in Spanish.)

discover Abortion treatment


How far along to be I?

There room two means to date a pregnancy. Medical professionals often day a pregnant from the very first day of her last period. The second method to day a pregnant is from the moment of conception, which normally occurs two weeks after ~ the an initial day of her last period. The forced Informed Consent packet we will provide you has information based on dating your pregnant from conception, which typically occurs 2 weeks after the very first day of her last period.

What have to I do before my appointment?

Please be conscious that Michigan law requires a 24-hour “waiting” period before one of two people in-clinic abortion or the abortion pill. You will be forced to review details from the state and sign a kind stating the you have done so before the procedure have the right to be done.

We encourage you to rationalization this process by taking benefit of the State’s internet page wherein you deserve to view and download every the important forms. Watch the "Patient Forms" section listed below for the vital information and also forms.

Additionally, this information have the right to be choose up at any type of of our health facility locations at the very least 24 hours in advancement of your appointment.

If you chose to have an abortion, us will carry out you v birth control technique information on the work of her abortion, or you may seek info from your exclusive physician. Before you leave the health center, you also be noted with call instructions in case of emergency.

What identification carry out I need?

If you room 18 years or older, carry a photo ID that clearly states your day of birth. We will certainly not be able to carry out services without it. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) through parental consent, us will need a copy of her birth certificate, parent’s picture ID, and also your picture ID if you have one (school id is OK). If you space a minor (under the period of 18) with a judicial bypass, us will require all paperwork listed by the judge and also a photo ID if you have one (school i would is OK).

What payment approaches are accepted?

Be all set to pay the complete balance in ~ the appointment. If friend are having a two-day procedure, payment in complete is meant on the first day of her procedure. We accept cash, Visa, master Card, Discover, and also money orders. (We execute not accept an individual checks or American Express.) If you space using insurance money coverage, we will need the policy information submitted prior to your appointment.

Funding is accessible for low-income women. Please call 800-230-7526 for much more information.

24-Hour informed Consent Process

This information is forced for her appointment. Girlfriend must complete these measures AT the very least 24 HOURS before YOUR APPOINTMENT.

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A. Pick up the notified consent details packet at among our health and wellness centers, or

B. View the compelled informed consent info online and print the forced informed consent check form.

Your educated consent confirmation kind is only great for 2 weeks. Execute not download and sign it more than two weeks before your booked procedure.Failure to print the informed consent confirmation kind online (or to pick up the informed consent packet at a health and wellness center) will an outcome in rescheduling her appointment.If you select to email the notified consent confirmation type to yourself, please be certain to conserve it together a Portable record Format (PDF) prior to emailing. This ensures the the day is precise on the form.
begin Informed Consent procedure