After each episode of Game of Thrones, HBO would commonly air a brief “Inside the Episode” mini-documentary where showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, together with some the the actors, would certainly walk us with the finer points of the hour, choose so:

However, as soon as the display screen faded to black color on the series finale, “The stole Throne,” there was no “Inside the Episode” attribute to it is in found. What happened?

The short answer is that we don’t know. However, many thanks to part sleuthing top top the component of Redditorvladtud, the does look prefer that episode at leastsexists. Or existed:

There the is, v a runtime of 10 minutes. According to Vladtud, it to be visible a main after the episode aired however wasn’t playable top top HBO in their residence country. They asserted to have contacted your HBO affiliate, that told them that while an inside the Episode attribute existed for “The steel Throne” (as well as a “Game Revealed” segment, i beg your pardon focuses an ext on the technical element of pass an episode to life), neither would certainly be shown.

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So what gives? Well, HBO might have favored to conserve these functions for later on release, either on your YouTube channel or probably as component of a season 8 Blu-ray boxset, or a collection boxset.

Another choice is the HBO hosted the features ago out of are afraid of a backlash. It’s no mystery that the final season that the present divided fans, v Benioff and Weiss bearing the brunt of the backlash. In the within the Episode function for “The last of the Starks,” Benioff stated that Daenerys “kind of forgot” around the stole Throne, and the internet had fresh meme product for weeks. Probably HBO was trying to stop something similar?

Ultimately, without in reality seeing the episode, we might never fully understand why that hasn’t to be released. Hopefully it’ll come the end soon!

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