After The an initial 48 bring away viewers with the dramatic period between arrest and also conviction, native the investigation to the trial, the verdict, and beyond.

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Dallas homicide detective Robert Arredondo was dubbed to his an initial case together lead detective ~ above in November of 2007. He arrived on the scene to find one victim, 22-year-old Brandon Brown dead from gunshot wounds.


Christian Marton and his girl friend Monica Stafford drove two hours to purchase a car, but Christian to be shot dead in a rob attempt.


Now that few of our strongest instances have been adjudicated and many situations have some compelling new developments, us take viewers inside the an effective and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the trial and conviction.


On march 26th, 2006, homicide detectives were called to the website of a burn car. Inside were the burnt remains the 22-year-old Xenia Wilson, the mother of a four-year-old daughter.


In Dallas, detectives investigated the shooting fatality of 26-year-old Daniel Barron, that was killed in the doorway the his home. Detectives soon uncovered that the victim's residence doubled as a medicine den and that he to be robbed.

Darell Billingsela was charged with brutally attacking and also killing twenty-two-year old Jessica Lewalling in a jealousy rage. And, in February 2007, thirty-six-year old Antoine, "Tony" Hamilton was found shot dead, and also left behind a vacant house.

In November 2006, Dallas detectives investigated the killing of a twenty-nine-year-old mommy of four, found burned past recognition in her vehicle behind a remote warehouse.

In in march of 2008, Tucson Detectives Jennifer Whitfield and also Mike Carroll were referred to as to inspection the robbery/homicide the 27-year-old cab driver and also father-to-be Timothy Royce.

In July the 2006, Miami detectives Rolando Garcia and also Orlando Silva comment to the shooting death of nine-year-old Sherdavia Jenkins. ~ a three-week investigation, detectives were able to close your case, charging two men with second-degree murder.

Sixteen-year-old Derreck Burruss and also his friends were walking home when castle were confronted by two men and also one is shot. And, in ~ 12:45 a.m. Top top the southern side of Dallas three guys were shooting in former of a hotel.

Birmingham homicide detectives investigate the shooting fatality of 21-year-old Kenny Wayne Holmes. And Dallas homicide detectives inspection the shooting death of 67-year-old Jose Raul Diaz.

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19-year old Mikael Hudson was eliminated by a solitary gunshot fired native a automobile in quest of he and his friends. And, Phoenix homicide detectives find the murdered human body of pregnant 20-year old Virginia Rodriguez.