If you grew up in san Antonio or have lived below a long time, you could find it odd when recent transplants ask around the rules and also times for trick-or-treating. Civilization here seem to instinctively understand to begin trick-or-treating after dinner and to stop as soon as your neighbors turn off their porch lights. 

While us don"t have details ordinances outlining the special, of trick-or-treating here, you might be surprised to learn that many other neighborhoods do. In fact, some cities have actually serious after-effects for violating the trick-or-treating ordinances.

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Several north Carolina urban have period restrictions because that trick-or-treating. Holly Springs passed an ordinance critical year restricting the activity to children under the age of 13. In Apex, the city ordinance states that kids must be 12 year or younger and also states nobody have the right to be out past 9 p.m.

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Chesapeake, Virginia, is acquiring attention on society media sites for its policies. The law there claims that anyone end the age of 13 that trick-or-treats deserve to be sent out to jail because that up to 6 months. However, the city"s website said police will not actively seek the end violations of time or jail borders for teenagers who are behaving, that is, till 8 p.m., once anyone who is still the end soliciting liquid can face a 30-day jail sentence and also fines up to $100.

In Newport, Virginia, kids can trick-or-treat with the saturday grade or until they turn 12. Otherwise, they confront a course 4 misdemeanor. 

Trick or dealing with in top Deerfield Township, new Jersey is restricted to children 12 year of age and younger. And in the following new Jersey communities, trick-or-treating stop at 7 p.m.: the City the Bridgeton, Townships of Commercial, Deerfield, Hopewell, Lawrence, Maurice River, Stow Creek and also Upper Deerfield and also the Borough that Shiloh.

In recent years, several well-known mommy bloggers have actually addressed the concern of teenaged trick-or-treating. The emotion in numerous of those blog is that teens have to be permitted to have the ability to hold onto the childhood magic of the heritage for as lengthy as possible.

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"I don"t really get the bald hostility that some adults have actually toward older kids who just want to dress up and have some fun. "They"re too old for that!" cry the naysayers. Also old for what? Dressing outrageously, wandering about town at night, and also eating junk food? Isn"t the what gift a teens is all about?" Meagan Francis penned in she oft-shared blog post from 2013.

So what carry out you think? vote in this polls around Halloween rules and also traditions: 

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