PLAINS, Ga.—Jimmy Carter, the oldest former president in U.S. History, will certainly quietly note his 97th date of birth at home in southwest Georgia top top Friday, an aide said.

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Slowed by age in current years and also keeping a low profile during the COVID-19 pandemic, Carter walk not plan on any kind of public appearances, his push secretary, Deanna Congelio, claimed at the Carter facility in Atlanta.

Workers at the Jimmy Carter National historic Site in Plains, Ga., recorded greetings for the former president, and also members the the public deserve to sign an digital birthday map at

Dozens sent beforehand birthday greetings, and also many didn’t even point out Carter’s 1977-81 presidency. Instead, they claimed they were influenced by Carter’s post-presidential life, which has consisted of volunteer work, authorship of many books, advocacy for justice and years of to teach Sunday school.


Jimmy Carter to be a shrewd and also sometimes ruthless politician until he was elected president. Climate he adjusted his style.

“We love you for your honesty, consistency and also for being so articulate,” claimed one message. Countless shared photos of themselves v Carter and his wife, Rosalynn. The couple celebrated 75 years of marital relationship in July.

The previous president to be diagnosed with melanoma that had spread come his liver and brain in 2015, but he underwent treatment and announced the he was cancer-free 4 months later. He has had actually a cable of falls, including one that left him v a damaged pelvis in October 2019, and also has offered a walker as soon as in public most recently.

President Biden and very first Lady Jill Biden went to the Carters in ~ their home in April. “We sat and talked about the old days,” Biden claimed of his fellow Democrat.

A quiet birthday could be every the much more somber together the family members prepares because that the funeral that Carter’s daughter-in-law Annette Davis Carter, the longtime mam of Jeff Carter, in levels on Saturday. She passed away earlier this month at the period of 68.

Annette Carter’s organization will be organized at Maranatha Baptist Church, i beg your pardon the previous president aided found and where the pastor routinely asks members come pray because that the Carters.

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