There room icons, and then there room ICONS. By any type of metric, Judy Garland is an ICON. V a career start at age two and lasting 45 years till her untimely fatality in 1969, Garland did it all. She acted, sang, danced. She uncovered success top top stage, in movies, on television, and on radio, earning nominations or awards in each medium. In 1962, she became the an initial woman to be awarded the Grammy because that Album the the Year (per Biography). She take it a stand versus the house Un-American tasks Committee throughout the Red scare of the late 1940s and early "50s (per LAist).

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While Garland"s perform of success is long, international audiences likely finest know her as Dorothy Gale in 1939"s "The magician of Oz." though studio executives in ~ Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (now typically known together MGM) had actually initially wanted child star Shirley temple for the part, the studio was unable come borrow she from twentieth Century Fox movie Corporation (per Biography). Thus, the function went come Garland, who was lot older than Temple.

Judy Garland signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as soon as she was 13. 3 years later, she was actors as Dorothy Gale. Since the studio had originally envisioned Temple, who was virtually six year younger than Garland, in the role, execs took many steps to make Garland look at younger. She was made to wear a corset to trim she waist and also wraps about her chest come flatten she curves (per The Telegraph). The studio, with the support of Garland"s mother, additionally controlled Garland"s diet and also sleep habits. Together reported ~ above Biography, the studio"s forced diet was largely minimal to chicken soup and also black coffee. That is additionally believed the Garland"s mother and the studio put the teen actor ~ above a range of diet pills, "pep" pills, and sleeping pills in an initiative to keep her slim and energized.

Garland was just 17 once the movie hit theaters. Though "The magician of Oz" is arguably her most renowned role, because that which she received a youth Academy Award, Garland suffered throughout its production and began the path to a life marred by addiction and mental illness.

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