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3. Martinez, one El Paso Native, had actually Been a Border Patrol Agent because 2013 & Is endured by His Fiancee & Son


Rogelio Martinez.

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Rogelio “Roger” Martinez is a aboriginal of El Paso, Texas, graduating indigenous Irvin High school in 1999, according to his on facebook page. He joined the Border Patrol together an agent in august 2013, officials said KFOX-TV. The was part of the Border Patrol’s 1,018th graduating course of agents. He was assigned come the big Bend Sector.

According to his on facebook page, Martinez has additionally lived in Temecula, California. He had been engaged since May 2017, according to his fiancee’s facebook page. In addition to his fiancee, the is survived by his son, according to Texas public Radio.

— Ashley Claster (
ClasterKFOX_CBS) November 19, 2017

“He would be the form of man to offer the shirt turn off his ago and wouldn’t ask for nothing in response. Unfortunately, it to be him. He to be such a great guy, it’s therefore unfortunate. It’s not surprising at all (that he served in the Border Patrol), due to the fact that all he want to do was just assist people and assist the civilization and try to do a difference,” Emory Crawford, his friend, told KVIA-TV.

“I had actually the satisfied of conference you roger Martinez. You space a true an excellent soul. I still can’t expropriate you room gone,” Bridget Moon wrote on Facebook, in addition to a photograph of Martinez. “You did therefore many good things for my girl and her children. You wherein not intend to leaving this soon. Might God bless your kind soul. Say thanks to you for every little thing you did. You will not it is in forgotten. R.I.P”

Rogelio “Roger” Martinez.

Arlene Lazcano created on Facebook, he to be a “really good friend…all of ours friend. May his household have comfort with this complicated time.”

Another friend, Larry Arellano, wrote, “Can’t believe the news I got today. Say thanks to you for the plenty of laughs and an excellent times listening to our favourite band. RIP i get it Martinez you will certainly be significantly missed buddy.”

Rudy Marin Jr. Wrote on Facebook, “I never ever thought in a million years i would shed a friend favor this. Rest In peace Roger. Lacking you currently bro.”

4. President Trump Tweeted ‘We Will look for Out & bring to justice Those Responsible’

Border Patrol Officer eliminated at southerly Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring come justice those responsible. We will, and also must, build the Wall!

— Donald J. Trumped (
realDonaldTrump) November 20, 2017

President Donald Trump took to Twitter come post around Martinez’s death, calling for justice and likewise for a wall surface to it is in built.

“Border Patrol Officer eliminated at southern Border, an additional badly hurt. Us will look for out and also bring to justice those responsible. We will, and also must, build the Wall!” trumped tweeted Sunday night.

Elaine Duke, the trump card administration’s exhilaration Secretary of countryside Security, authorize a statement about the agent’s death.

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“Earlier this morning, i was informed that Border Patrol certified dealer Rogelio Martinez died as a an outcome of severe injuries endured while on patrol in the huge Bend sector of our southern border in Texas. Agent Martinez was responding to task while top top patrol with one more agent, who was additionally seriously injured,” she wrote. “We are fully supporting the ongoing investigation to determine the cause of this catastrophic event. On instead of of the 4 minutes 1 of a million frontline officers and also agents the DHS, my thoughts and also prayers go out to the family and friends of agent Martinez and also to the agent who is in severe condition.”

5. Senator Ted Cruz called the incident an ‘Attack’ on Border Patrol Agents & claimed ‘We space Grateful’ for your ‘Courage & Sacrifice’

Our condolences and prayers go the end to the family and friends the Border Patrol certified dealer Rogelio Martinez, that was killed this morning in the line of duty.

— Ted Cruz (
tedcruz) November 19, 2017

Texas senator Ted Cruz was among those to express condolences, calling the incident an “attack top top two huge Bend sector Border Patrol agents,” in a statement.

““Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends that Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez, who was killed this morning in the heat of duty. We are likewise praying because that the complete recovery of his partner, that was also attacked,” Cruz said. “This is a distinguishable reminder that the continuous threat the an unsecure border poses to the safety and security of ours communities and those charged v defending them.”

Cruz added, “We space grateful because that the courage and also sacrifice of ours border agents who have committed their stays to keeping us safe. I remain completely committed to working v the Border Patrol to administer them through all the resources they need to safeguard our nation.”

U.S. Rep. Will certainly Hurd, also of Texas, claimed in a statement, “My thoughts space with the love ones the Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez, that was fatally hurt in valve Horn. Praying for a complete recovery for his partner, who is right now in severe condition. The men and women of our Border Patrol have an extremely dangerous and also demanding job and also they space our many important resource to securing our border.”

Fellow Texas Congressman Ted Poe tweeted, “This Sunday 36-year-old certified dealer Rogelio Martinez was killed manning Texas’s often violent southerly border. 38 Border Patrol Agents have actually been killed while ~ above patrol since 2003. Our agents space outmanned, outnumbered and out-financed trying to stop drug cartels indigenous entering the joined States. We mourn the lose of this border protector and also may God Bless his family. Our border protectors deserve our complete support.”