Aimee Mayo is a Grammy-Nominated American songwriter & author, primarily well-known for writing country hits because that artists such asLonestar,Martina McBride,Sara Evans,Tim McGraw,Faith Hill, Kellie Pickler, & more. Mayo owns publishing company, Little Blue Typewriter Music.

Talking to the Sky is Mayo’s first book, 13 years in the making.

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Aimee Mayo prospered up in Gadsden, Alabama. According to she mother, Aimee always had a notebook through her and was constantly composing poetry. She mother motivated her come "shoot because that the top" and also she to be signed together a songwriter v BMG while tho a teenager. It to be there the she met her husband,Chris Lindsey, v whom she has actually three children and resides in Nashville, Tennessee.


Hi! — The book and also audiobook are DONE!!! it doesn"t even feel real. The stars aligned on the cover designer. Because that over a decade, I"ve stressed and also worried around the sheathe of the book. I couldn"t acquire a vision because that what it must be. I worked on this memoir because that so long and also even despite you"re not an alleged to referee a book by the cover-- world do. It"s the book"s face. After month of emailing trivial designers and getting rejected, (they only work-related with published authors on arbitrarily House, Harper Collins, etc.) ns took a chance and reached the end to the many famous book cover designer (and my favorite) Rodrigo Corral and also after reading part of the memoir, he said YES! He"s done few of the best bestselling books ever ( A Million tiny Pieces, The Glass Castle, The error in ours Stars, and so countless more). In four weeks- *JULY 29* he"s sending out the last artwork because that the book-- then it goes right to publish YES! correct! YES! YAY! and ns am sending the booksout to YOU. Say thanks to you come everyone who backed the publication on Kickstarter — give thanks to you! anyone that wants to order one now have the right to off in the attach on the web site.

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I hope anyone is staying safe and having a funny summer!

PS I"ve worried and also wondered what the cover would certainly be for over a decade. I feel so blessed to have actually someone who has done lots of bestsellers. I"m so excited to see it — ~ so, so long. The is a actual book. I"m curious what the concepts will it is in - just in instance you love art and design like I execute -- here"s his website.http://rodrigocorral.com

I have struggled v so much fear-- letting walk of this book. I jumped out of an aircraft to prove to myself the I have the right to do scary stuff. I understand I composed this publication for a reason-- my prayer is the it will assist millions that people and be a blockbuster movie. I also jumped out of the plane because ns promised I would if i hit my score on Kickstarter. Give thanks to you to everyone who thought in me and also pledged on Kickstarter! I"m all set to gain this book out right into the world.
COFFEE , CODY and also COUNTRY 650 WSM AIMEE mei INTERVIEW talking around her brand-new memoir "Talking come the Sky" Pre-order a copy in ~ vxcialistoufjg.com
I"m so excited Dann Perino (who is exceptional by the way) talking around how much she loves mine memoir -- "Talking come the Sky."
Author and Songwriter Aimee mei talking around her new memoir "Talking to the Sky." Pre-order now on vxcialistoufjg.com
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