The Norwood Police room issued a warning this mainly to pan of a specific hard seltzer the has obtained the tagline: "Ain"t no regulations when you"re drink Claws."

"We desire to work out some confusion amongst our younger citizens, particularly our younger woman citizens," the police department said in a on facebook post. "There are in fact laws, once you"re drink Claws."

Police officials claimed some males may also need to hear the warning, however "we just can"t yes, really wrap ours head around that possibility."

White claw was launched in 2016 through the same firm that owns Mike"s hard Lemonade.

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The tagline was popularized by comedian Trevor Wallace in a YouTube video.

The now-viral Facebook write-up has garnered end 10,000 comments.

"Norwood, Westwood, Plywood, Tiger Wood, don"t matter, ain"t no legislations when you"re drinking claws," one human being wrote.

Another poster wrote: "NPD need to be Truly"s girls," introduce to one more hard seltzer brand.

Norwood wasn"t the an initial to make the joke, yet police departments throughout the country are jumping in on the trend, and also like Norwood, some room getting called out because that sexism.

Dozens of comments on Norwood"s post say the police are simply perpetuating sexist stereotypes about what types of drinks human being should enjoy. Norwood police did not appear to respond to those comments.

The finish of the article said the famous saying "is not a viable defense and also will not host up in any kind of courtroom."

Another commenter countered this legitimate argument and also said his lawyer told that he just had to save his empties as proof.

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Norwood and also several various other local legislation enforcement agencies are recognized for a much more casual, humorous method to social media. Oxford police sent a tweet early Friday morning that garnered numerous "likes."

"Line that the night.. "Come on guys I"m just trying come graduate" claimed by the intoxicated FRESHMAN with a fake identifier that simply threw increase in a police car," the tweet said.

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