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Mar 8, 2009 Pamela WatsonTwo military bases in Pensacola and also Fort Walton coast Florida offer history museums that function vintage aircraft, military weapons and also the history of modern air warfare.

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Northwest Florida’s Gulf shore has always had a army presence. From the earliest coastal forts developed to safeguard Spanish settlements from naval invasions to the beginnings of the U. S. Room program, Northwest Florida’s Gulf shore has been a strategic location for the armed forces on land, sea and air.Military Bases

Today, four military installations period the shore from Pensacola to Panama City. Tyndall Air force Base in Panama City, home of the 325th Fighter Wing, started as a flexible Gunnery school in 1940. Today, the 325th Fighter wing is assigned to the United claims Air Force’s wait Education and Training Command. Each year in in march or April Tyndall master the Gulf coastline Salute Airshow special air show squadrons such as the Navy’s Blue Angles and the united state Army gold Knights Parachute Team.

Eglin Air pressure Base, the largest in the free world and also spanning the two main Northwest Florida counties of Walton and also Okaloosa, is house to the 96th Air base Wing. Eglin serves as the focal point for every Air force armament, testing and evaluation of armament, navigation, accuse systems, and also command and control systems.

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Hurlburt field in mary Esther is home of the 1st Special work Wing and to Headquarters Air pressure Special to work Command. Various support teams for these commands are additionally located here.

Pensacola navy Air station is just west the Pensacola and also is the house of the Blue Angels, the U. S. Navy’s trip Demonstration Squadron. Recognized as the “Cradle of navy Aviation,” Pensacola naval Air terminal serves as the launching suggest for the trip training that every navy aviator, flight officer and also enlisted waiting crewman.Ads by GoogleFlight cultivate in FL.Accelerated flight Training 14 Day personal Pilotocalaaviation.comEmerald shore Dirt & Vert9,000 Sq ft Skatepark/Street food NBL BMX racing & Burly dirt

Air museum are located at Eglin Air pressure Base and Pensacola Naval waiting Station. Both museums are free and open to the public.Air force Armament Museum

The Air force Armament Museum is located on Highway 85 just exterior the west door at Eglin Air pressure Base. The is the only museum in the world dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of artifacts and also memorabilia associated with Air pressure Armament and the airplanes and other launch platforms that supply it. Outside the building, visitors have the right to view airplanes and missiles indigenous WWII and also the Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Within exhibits are specialized to Desert Storm and the history of wait armament as well as bombs, missiles and also rockets. The museum is open up Monday v Saturday native 9:30 to be to 4:30 PM and also admission is free. Speak to (850) 651-1808 for more information.National naval Aviation Museum

The national Naval Aviation Museum located on Pensacola naval Air station is the world’s biggest naval air background museum and features vintage aircraft, interaction exhibits and also an IMAX theater. The museum represents the background of trip of the U. S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard and is also home come the Blue Angles. Museum visitors have the right to watch the team practice from a designated the town hall area outside. After ~ practice, the team gathers in the museum come answer questions and also sign autographs. The museum is open everyday throughout the year native 9 am to 5 PM and also admission is free. Contact (850) 452-3604 for more information.Click here to check out the entire article