The Air pressure has favored 497 police officers for promotion to sublievenant colonel, the Air pressure Personnel facility said Friday.

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The mass of the newly-selected colonels — 446 that them — room in the heat of the Air force category. An additional 23 are judge advocate generals, and the critical 28 room in the Nurse Corps.

There to be 3,865 O-5s up for promo in the 2015C selection boards, causing a 12.86 percent an option rate. Of those selectees, 443 to be in the promotion zone, and also another 47 to be below-the-zone. Over there were seven above-the-zone selections the end of 827 standard officers, leading to a selection rate the 0.8 percent.

The an option rate for every in-the-zone police officers was 52.9 percent, and also the below-the-zone an option rate to be 2.1 percent.

Pilots had the largest an option rate among operations officers in the line of the Air force category, with 136 being preferred out of 989 eligible, because that a 13.7 percent an option rate. Navigators were 2nd with a 11.5 percent choice rate, v 38 out of 330 chosen. And also there were 6 air battle managers preferred out of 87 eligible, resulting in a 6.9 percent an option rate.

There to be 51 non-rated operations policemans chosen the end of 539 eligible, resulting in a 9.5 percent choice rate. And amongst the mission assistance officers, there to be 215 chosen out the 1,537, or a 14 percent selection rate.

The list of LAF selectees deserve to be found here. Newly-promoted JAGs deserve to be found here, and also the list of supported nurses is here.


Stephen Losey consist of personnel, promotions, and the Air force Academy for Air force Times. He deserve to be got to at slosey

Stephen Losey is the air war reporter at Defense News. He previously reported because that, extending the Pentagon, special operations and air warfare. Before that, he extended U.S. Air pressure leadership, personnel and operations because that Air force Times.


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