SEAL Team 6, officially known as United states Naval special Warfare advancement Group (DEVGRU), and also Delta Force, officially well-known as 1st Special forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), are the most extremely trained elite pressures in the U.S.

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Both room Special missions Units (SMU) under the regulate of the secretive Joint special Operations Command (JSOC), they perform miscellaneous clandestine and highly divide missions roughly the world. Each unit deserve to equally execute various species of operations however their main mission is counter-terrorism.

So what"s the difference between the two? Delta force recently took the end ISIS negative guy Abu Sayyaf in Syria; DevGru took out al Qaeda bad guy Osama Bin Laden a few years ago. Same-same, right?


WATM spoke with former DEVGRU operator Craig Sawyer as well as a former Delta operator that asked to continue to be anonymous to i found it 5 crucial differences between the 2 elite forces.


1. Selection

Delta force is an army outfit that mainly selects candidates from in ~ their very own special forces and infantry units. However, lock will additionally select candidates from every branches that service, including the national Guard and also Coast Guard.

SEAL Team 6 selects candidates specifically from the Navy"s SEAL team community. If a candidate does not pass the grueling selection procedure they will still remain part of the elite SEAL teams.

"It"s a matter of can candidates quickly procedure what they room taught and keep up," Sawyer says.

2. Training

Both units have actually the most innovative equipment and are very trained in Close quarters Combat (CQB), hostage rescue, high worth target extraction, and other specialized operations. The distinction is the extensive training DEVGRU operators have in devoted maritime operations, given their naval heritage.

"Each unit has strengths and weaknesses, no is much better or worse," follow to ours Delta operator source.

3. Culture

Delta force operators can be vastly diversified in your training background because they deserve to come from miscellaneous units across different armed forces branches (including DEVGRU). Delta operators will even be forgive medals that their respective branch of organization while serving through the army unit.

"No matter what her background is, anyone starts native zero so that everyone is top top the same page," claims our former Delta operator.

DEVGRU operators come from the SEAL community, and also while the cultivate is intensified and an ext competitive, they every retain their roots in familiar SEAL training and also culture.

"Candidates have proven themselves within the SEAL teams," Sawyer says. "It"s a matter of learning new equipment, tactics, and also rules of engagement."

4. Missions

Generally speaking, both units are equally qualified of executing all committed missions that JSOC is tasked with. Again, due to the fact that of DEVGRU"s comprehensive training for dedicated maritime operations, lock are an ext likely come receive missions like the rescue that Captain Phillips at sea. Delta"s known and successful missions encompass finding Saddam Hussein and tracking under Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

"These space two groups of the many elite operators the have the right to provide," says Sawyer.

5. Media exposure


Photo: YouTube.comMembers of both devices are known as "quiet professionals" and also are infamous for gift massively secretive. Unfortunately, through today"s society media, 24-hour news coverage and leaks in ~ the government, it deserve to be difficult to keep out of the media no matter what steps are taken to ensure secrecy. While both units lug out high profile missions, SEAL Team 6 has acquired much much more notoriety and (largely unwanted) exposure in the media in recent years thanks to government leaks and also Hollywood blockbuster movies such together Zero Dark Thirty (photo above).

"We are very strict with our quiet professionalism. If someone talks, girlfriend will most likely be blacklisted," states our former Delta operator.

For an ext detailed differences in between these elite forces inspect out this SOFREP article.

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