Airmen assigned to the 60th Mission Support group participate in a group run in ~ Travis Air pressure Base, Calif., in September, 2018. (60th air Mobility Wing)

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — The Air pressure is experimenting a fitness evaluate that would plug a value for one airman’s 1.5-mile run time right into an equation that would include waist and also height measurements.

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The result: A fitness-fatness table of contents that can be sex neutral.

critical month, Neal Baumgartner, chef of the Air pressure Exercise science Unit, briefed the Defense Advisory Committee on ladies in the Service about the idea, which would certainly measure airmen’s aerobic fitness versus their human body composition.

Nothing, however, is official, and the concept is tho in the study stage, Baumgartner claimed in a follow-up interview through Stars and also

“We care most about consistent, optimistic fitness behavior, consistent physical activity,” he said. “That’s what we’re steering towards. The check is an extremely important, however training is much more important.”

Breaking under the potential brand-new formula, Baumgartner claimed an airman’s operation time would yield a number representing VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake. That figure would be separated by his or her waist-to-height proportion for a full fitness score.

“When I put all those with each other in the equation – now I’m looking in ~ maybe gender neutrality,” the said.

that not recognized yet exactly how strength would certainly be assessed alongside the formula, Baumgartner said. “We’re trying come think ‘are there much better ways to perform that ... Or space there far better ways to carry out pushups and also situps’”?

The military plans to adopt a brand-new gender- and age-neutral fitness test for all soldiers through October 2020. The military Combat Fitness Test has actually six components: standing strength throw; toughness deadlift; leg tuck; two-mile run; sprint-drag-carry event; and hand-release pushups. Particular occupational specialties in the Army, such as infantrymen or cannon crew members, may be required to achieve greater test scores or greater standards, officials have actually said.

The Air force in June will roll the end its an initial career-specific, Tier 2 fitness standards for air liaison officers and also tactical air controllers.

A team indigenous Baumgartner’s unit will certainly be in ~ Ramstein following month to train explosive ordnance handle non-commissioned policemans from Air pressure bases throughout Europe in the new EOD fitness assessment in the works. Tier 2 fitness requirements are gender neutral, Baumgartner said.

most airmen, however, autumn under Tier 1 fitness standards, where wellness is the can be fried goal.

The existing test — introduced in 2004 — is adequate, Baumgartner said. That scores airmen follow to gender and age top top the 1.5-mile run, time pushups and sit-ups, and also waist measurement.

The ide being studied takes “the latest and best science to address the ... Inextricable relationship between aerobic fitness and also the location of fat in the body,” Baumgartner said.

The most “dangerous” fat in the body is visceral fat, situated in the tribe region; it’s connected with various disease states the progress much more rapidly the an ext abdominal fat one has, the said.

“I could have one airman who has 24% body fat and another airman the very comparable age ... With 20% human body fat,” Baumgartner said. If the airman through less as whole body fat, however, carries much more fat in the gut, “he’s at a greater health risk.”

Of nearly 2 million fitness test analyzed from across the service, not one airman has actually failed the waist measurement when maxing out the run time, Baumgartner said.

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“It’s a unicorn, it’s a make-believe thought,” he said. “You hear world say ns can lug a 40-inch ab circumference because that males or perhaps a 36-inch because that females and also run prefer the wind — the reality is they can’t.”

Airmen don’t have to be superb athletes to execute well ~ above an evaluate measuring aerobic fitness versus body composition.

“I can tell you the just gaining off the couch, just obtaining out native behind your desk and also doing something on a regime basis” is enough, that said. “We’re not asking for rapid running time ... Just gain out and also move and you’re going to be able to meet the minimum requirement.”