The waiting Force might recall as much as 1,000 retirement pilots to aid fill much-needed gaps as it struggles with an recurring pilot shortage. (Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth/Air Force)
The waiting Force might bring back as plenty of as 1,000 retirement pilots for up to three years under a major expansion the a remind program, the White home announced Friday.

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The executive, management order issued by president Trump represents a sweeping effort to tackle the waiting Force’s severe pilot shortage, i m sorry now quantities to about 1,500 pilots. The Air force has struggled to organize on to its experienced pilots — especially fighter pilots — in the confront of a huge hiring surge indigenous commercial airlines, which offer far larger salaries than the military.

Under the previous executive, management order, just 25 retired pilots could come back each year. The new directive amends the order to temporarily eliminate that limit, follow to a statement from Pentagon spokesman navy Cmdr. Gary Ross.

The readjust was made at the inquiry of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and it gives him “additional authorities to recall retired aviation officers,” Ross said.

Air force Secretary heather Wilson in July approved the Voluntary retired Return to active Duty Program, i beg your pardon sought 25 retirement pilots to return to energetic duty to to fill rated employee positions and help alleviate manning shortages in ~ the pilot community.

Officials guess the Air pressure will now be provided the government to “recall approximately 1,000 retirement pilots for up to three years,” Ross said.

Air force leaders have actually repeatedly sound the alarm about the pilot shortfall over the last year, and have taken several actions to try to correct it. The Air force has upped monthly flight pay and offered massive, extraordinary retention bonuses of up to $455,000 to to convince pilots come stay.

It has likewise created a task pressure headed through Brig. Gen. Mike Koscheski through the single mission of resolving the air crew crisis.

And the is trying to enhance job satisfaction that pilots by adding more support employee to take on administrative duties and give them much more time come fly, permitting them to remain in their existing assignments longer, and eliminating unnecessary additional duties occupying your time.


Air pressure seeks retirement pilots to return to energetic dutyThe Air pressure seeks retirement pilots come return to active duty to serve in employee positions.
Stephen Losey is the air warfare reporter in ~ Defense News. He previously reported for Military.com, covering the Pentagon, special operations and also air warfare. Before that, he spanned U.S. Air force leadership, personnel and also operations for Air force Times.


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