These waiting fryer donuts space delicious and also quick come make. They are made indigenous Pillsbury biscuits in 6 minute in the waiting fryer.

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After see the viral post #pillsburygrandsbiscuits i was skeptical around the taste and texture of using the Pillsbury Grands to do donuts through cinnamon sugar on top. I’ve to be thinking about trying these and making certain they don’t taste like eating a biscuit through sugar ~ above it. But I’m glad ns tried since they were perfect with an excellent taste and also the possibilities because that icing are endless. I chose to sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.

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Ingredients for Pillsbury Grands air fryer donuts:

Pillsbury Grands! Flaky class biscuits2 TBS butter, meltedCinnamon sugar.Cooking spray. I offered Ghee oil butter taste.


Open the can of Pillsbury flaky biscuits and collection each biscuit top top a cutting board.Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees. To perform so, merely run your air fryer because that a minute. However most waiting fryers do not require pre-heating.Place the donuts in your air fryer.Bake because that 6 minute at 350 degrees F. Upper and lower reversal on the various other side ~ 3 minutes. Or roasted until gold brown.After donuts room ready, take it them out of the wait fryer and let lock cool because that a minute.

How to do air fryer donuts from Pillsbury biscuits 1. Open up biscuits 2. Cut holes 3. Roasted 4. Sprinkle and also enjoy!

I made this biscuits making use of Cuisinart air Fryer (oven type) and Ninja Foodi. The donuts came out great in both.If you’re looking for easy waiting fryer household meals, this Air fryers deserve to be great to start. Hope you enjoy it! This recipe provides 8 donuts and also 8 donut holes.

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Open the have the right to of Pillsbury flaky biscuits and set each biscuit ~ above a cutting board.Cut a hole in each biscuit using a stainless stole 1 customs round biscuit cutter.Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees. To do so, merely run your air fryer because that a minute. However most waiting fryers carry out not require pre-heating.Lightly coat waiting fryer basket v oil or olive oil spray.Place the donuts in her air fryer.Bake for 6 minute at 350 levels F.Flip top top the various other side ~ 3 minutes. Or bake until gold brown.After donuts space ready, take them the end of air fryer and also let cool because that a minute.Using a silicone pastry brush, cover each donut through melted butter (Be certain to cover the political parties too)Sprinkle through Cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or icing of your choice.


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