Just a have the right to of biscuits is every you need for buttery, flakey donuts in minutes. Top these wait fryer biscuit donuts v a straightforward glaze & sprinkles or a dusting that cinnamon sugar for a law the entirety family will certainly love.

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There nothing much more simple than making donuts v biscuit dough. Your biggest decision is picking which sort of glaze, frosting or sugar coating to placed on them. Be mindful though, they might be gone prior to you decide!

Air Fryer Donuts with Grands Biscuits


Using the wait fryer to do donuts is accurate what mine air fryer was made for. Ns love foods that room fried in grease, and I really execute enjoy making them in ~ home. Donuts and also chicken fingers are so great homemade, however I just dread filling a pan through grease and also dealing with the mess.

Enter waiting fryer and also I’m in love! The same great taste and also quality food there is no the greasy mess. I carry out not believe for a second that castle taste any kind of different than if they were fried in grease. Air fryer recipes room my walk to for sure!

Plus, you literally cut dough from a can and also then placed it in the machine. It. Is. So. Simple.


Donuts and Air Fryer

So simple and tasty!No grease needed without compromising anything!Toppings room endless.Cooking time is faster!

WHAT execute I need to MAKE wait FRYER BISCUIT DONUTS?

With just biscuit dough girlfriend will have actually the donuts done, just add a pair ingredients for the topping and you are set!

2 cans, Pillsbury Grands Flaky layers Biscuits1 stick of butter, meltedOptional, for frosted donuts: sprinkles or rainbow jimmies


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pink frosting

½ cup, powdered sugar1 teaspoon, vanilla extract*Optional: 1-2 tespoon milk, to desired thickness**Smidge the pink gel food color (or more for depth color)

cinnamon sugar

½ cup, sugar1 tespoon cinnamon

chocolate frosting

½ cup, coco chips½ teaspoon, vegetables oil



Preheat waiting fryer to 350.Pull biscuits out of can and also separate.Using spoon or tiny circle cutter, cut facility out of every biscuit (see photo). Set aside.Add donuts to air fryer, about 4-5 in ~ a time.Cook for 2 minutes, flip, climate 2 minutes more.Meanwhile, melt butter.Once golden brown, remove donuts native fryer and place on all set cutting plank or plated. Making use of pastry brush or spoon, easy coat both political parties of all donuts v melted butter.Continue with continuing to be donuts.Once every donuts room cooked, buttered, and also cooled, you deserve to dip lock in the cinnamon street mixture or height with frosting and sprinkles.For strawberry frosting, whisk every ingredients until smooth. Dive donuts right into bowl of frosting and place ideal side increase on cooling rack or plate come solidify.For chocolate frosting, heat in 30 2nd intervals until cacao starts come melt. Perform not melt cacao all the way in microwave, this will an outcome in a grainy texture. Merely stir partly melted chocolate and also vegetable oil until coco is every smooth liquid. Dip donuts in key of melted chocolate and also place appropriate side increase on cooling rack or plate come solidify.


can swap the end vanilla extract because that strawberry flavoring in pink frostingwith these details biscuit donuts, thicker frosting appears to stick betteruse those leftover facility dough balls– chef in waiting fryer because that 3 minutes because that donut holes!


Are wait fryer donuts healthy? Well, yes! they are lot healthier gift cooked in the air fryer 보다 in oil.

How long deserve to donuts last? They deserve to last top top the counter, in a sealed container, because that 2 days.

How perform you store homemade donuts soft? popular music them into the microwave for around 5 seconds and they will freshen best up!