When we started filming the an extremely firstAir Jaws: Sharks of southern Africashow for Shark Week back in 2001 we lugged the now famousbreaching great white sharks at Seal Islandin False Bay to the world’s attention for the very very first time. At the moment most people were not aware that the was feasible for this nearly one ton at sight predator to breach completely out that the water and also this spectacular plot left millions of human being spellbound.

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Now, 18 year later, and with a grand full of 8 various Air Jaws Documentaries created for Shark Week, the air Jaws Team gathered inNew Zealandthis past April to film the latest instalment,Air Jaws: back from the Dead.

The air Jaws franchise has been the most successful collection of shows for exploration Channel’s Shark Week therefore in solemn event of Shark Week’s 30thAnniversary we would certainly be placing together a highlights parcel of the biggest moments of wait Jaws.


Of food no air Jaws show is ever finish unless a seemingly-impossible-shot or first-time-ever-filmed minute is achieved. Our team was made up of the usual suspects the is Jeff Kurr, chris Fallows, Tony Sacco, Andy Brandy Casegrande, Heanu Marais, Donna Ansari and myself; and we were ready to make background once again!

In order to attain the missions a very spec’d seal decoy to be constructed and a brand-new Seal Sled also makes one appearance.


While filming in new Zealand you will certainly be taken ago to thevarious showsas chris & Jeff reminisce about the standard Air moments. In the mix are few of the many memorable waiting Jaws moments the are mentioned below…

Air Jaws: Sharks of south Africa

Was it feasible that great white sharks might breach so frequently out the the water?

And what an absolutely lucky break go we have when a Brydes whale carcass washed increase in False Bay offering us an possibility of observing almost 40 different good white sharks feeding on a whale carcass.

Air Jaws 2: also Higher

Filming the great whites native under water moments before they breached into the air and being maybe to clock the cork-screw action at nearly 25 mph in ~ the penultimate moment.

We carry in a specially made seal decoy named “Georgie” to assist capture the shot.

The team then take trip to south Australia and capture on movie a breaching good white shark in this area for the very first time.

Watch the vidhere

Ultimate air Jaws

This Emmy nominated documentary watch Chris getting close to an excellent white sharks both underwater in a submarine and also on the water in a kayak.

Watch the vidhere

Air Jaws Apocalypse

Here we accomplish the famous and allusive male great white shark well-known as “Colossus” because that the very first time.

Chris additionally get increase close and an individual to a breaching an excellent white shark top top The Seal Sled.

Watch the vidhere

Air Jaws: fin of Fury

The team travels to new Zealand for the first time whereby Chris interacts in the famed WASP v a massive good white shark calledFred.

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Air Jaws: Night Stalker

The Team film good white shark behaviour in ~ night and capture breaching at night at Seal Island in False Bay.