With just a few weeks until Halloween, Nike revealed pictures for that is upcoming “Freddy Krueger” colorway release in time for the holiday. The above sneaker format will be reimagined and inspired through the antagonist in the standard horror movie, “A Nightmare top top Elm Street.”


The pair of shoes will feature Velvet Brown, Team Red and University Red hues through gray suede toecaps, a black-and-white checkered tongue, and metallic detailing.

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Previously, in 2007, the brand created a various Freddy Krueger-inspired hue because that its Nike Dunk SB low silhouette. Due to the fact that its release, the colorway has come to be one of the most coveted models through a pair selling for an typical of $12,000, according to StockX.

The relax date and also retail price have actually not however been disclosed.

This air Max 95 version joins two other Nike Halloween sneaker releases, consisting of the wait Trainer 3 “Dracula” and Nike Blazer Mid Spider Web”

The wait Max 95 is recognized for its signature details consisting of its unique Swoosh logo design placement and also skeletal-inspired construction. It functions an upper mesh construction with nylon eyelets and a foam midsole designed to represent the person skin, ribs, and also spine, respectively.

This year clues the 25th anniversary since the sneaker model’s original release. They were originally produced to revive the to run sneaker classification after basketball shoes conquered the sneaker market throughout the 1990s. Due to the fact that its debut, the version has come to be one the the most iconic and also widely-coveted silhouettes in the Nike wait Max lineup.

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How to Shop Carrie Bradshaw’s pair of shoes from ‘And just like That’

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