The Naval and Maritime Museum in ~ Patriots point is quite spectacular and definitely precious a visit if you room in the neighbourhood. By ‘neighbourhood’ I median pretty much anywhere on the main east shore of the continent!

The largest exhibit by far is the aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown CV-10. It dominates the coast at mount Pleasant on the eastern side of Charleston Harbor. You deserve to see that from the waterside or any tall building in Charleston. You deserve to see it from the 1-mile lengthy Arthur Ravenel Jr. Leg over the Cooper River. You can see that from ft Sumter the end at the mouth of Charleston Harbor.

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The Patriots allude Museum

Patriots suggest is a state agency run through the Patriots Point breakthrough Authority. The southern Carolina federal government owns 460 acre of land in ~ Patriots point and the Patriots Point development Authority leases lot of it to the adjoining hotels and also golf course, which generates revenue for the museum. The rest of your income originates from ticket sales.

Some of the cash gets invested on the 16 permanent staff and 60-70 part-time staff (they additionally have 100 volunteers, plenty of of whom space veterans), yet the lion’s re-superstructure is spent maintaining the ships. They call for a most maintenance because they room all ‘wet-berthed’ in tidal saltwater, and also they have been there for plenty of years.

Patriots suggest (Photo: Patriots Point)

The museum has 4 primary exhibits…

The USS Yorktown, aircraft carrierThe USS Laffey, destroyerThe USS Clamagore, submarineThe Vietnam Experience

USS Yorktown was the an initial to arrive, in 1975. The museum was created with she arrival, opening in 1976. USS Laffey & USS Clamagore joined her in 1981.

So, over there is a lot come see and also most visitors spend the best part of a day here. In my case, i was top top a rushed push visit and had come cram it right into 90 minutes!

USS Yorktown CV-10 in ~ Patriots Point

USS Yorktown CV-10 (Photo: Patriots Point)

USS Yorktown is a acquainted name come many, yet this is no the heroic Yorktown the was sunk in the fight of Midway in June 1942. The was USS Yorktown CV-5¹, very first of the Yorktown-class that carriers.

This is CV-10, one of the Essex-class carriers, whose keel had actually been laid in ~ the finish 1941 and was due to be called “USS Bon Homme Richard”². Rather it was determined to honour CV-5’s loss by naming she Yorktown.

it must have been a colossal shock AGAIN because that the Japanese when a carrier named USS Yorktown appeared 10 months later!Some speak the intention was also to confuse the Japanese about whether Yorktown did or didn’t sink… which it surely must have done. Remember, the Japanese thought CV-5 to be badly damaged, possibly also sunk at the battle of the Coral Sea in might 1942. Instead she limped residence to Pearl Harbor and went right into dry-dock for repairs. Through a herculean effort, the ship workers managed to repair her and also send her ago out to sea in 48 hours, for this reason she can chase ~ the rest of the united state carrier fleet assembling turn off the island that Midway to ambush the imperial Japanese Navy. That must have been a colossal shock for the Japanese to find USS Yorktown CV-5 was still really much alive, equipped and very dangerous! once again CV-5 nearly survived the battle of Midway. Listing heavily she was taken under tow, however was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. So that must have been a colossal shock AGAIN because that the Japanese as soon as a carrier named USS Yorktown showed up 10 months later!

CV-10 was i was delegated in April 43 just 16 months after her keel to be laid, and fought in numerous operations in the Pacific. She walk on to fight in the korean War and also the Vietnam War. In 1968 she to be the recovery ship because that the Apollo 8 (around the moon & back) an are mission. She showed up in two movies: Tora! Tora! Tora! (about the strike on Pearl Harbor) and also The Philadelphia Experiment (sci-fi time travel). She to be decommissioned in 1970 and also towed to Patriots allude in 1975.

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USS Yorktown has a collection of enlarge WW2 & oriental war aircraft safeguarded from the aspects on her hanger deck, when the Cold battle jets and more contemporary aircraft space on her trip deck. Both spaces are enormous and also you deserve to spend a the majority of time here. You deserve to just visit under you own steam, making use of , or not, an audio guide system come tell you about the exhibits and also spaces in the ship. The audio guides have actually over 3½ hours of technological descriptions and personal testaments indigenous veterans top top 100 points about the ship. Over there are also docent-led tours at specific times the the day.

Highlights for me…?

Well there to be a number of aircraft ns don’t acquire to view that often, or at all, favor the outlandish and ahead-of-its-time Grumman E-1 Tracer v its vast radome on top – the us Navy’s very first Airborne early Warning (AEW) aircraft. Climate there’s the Anti-Submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft: the Grumman S2 Tracker and its successor the S3 Viking. How numerous of these have actually I spotted in european aviation museums? None!